J2 Un-DS: MP-28 Hot Rodimus

Initiating Unbox Therapy

Acquiring a Masterpiece Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Convoy or Rodimus Prime to some) has sat on the bottom of the list for quite some time. 1) Because a 2009 MP-09 model is difficult to come by nowadays, 2) They resell for nearly twice to three times as much, and 3) Many toy collectors have experienced QC issues that left them disappointed. While many loved the MP-09 for his trailer and size, he was apparently plagued with sensitive and easily breakable parts which made it frustrating to transform and to pose.

My only option was to look into buying third party. With the many QC issues that third party toys do have themselves, DX9 Carry wasn't all that bad based on the reviews I've read. But alas, I preferred a Takara product and I patiently waited. 

Air Max 98 TL: Bring Them Back

These need to be retro'd. Bring 'em back Nike


J2: Nike Kobe XI (11) EM 'Carpe Diem' Review

It's been awhile since I've written one of these. I'm currently not in basketball shape by anymeans, but I do know footwear. I know footwear inside out. I love shoes after all. So this is my review of the Nike Kobe 11 'Carpe Diem'. My last review was recapping the 'love 'em or hate 'em' Nike Kobe VII System, to which didn't work out for me. The interchangeable cushioning just didn't make the cut for what could have been a new addition to my regular rotation. This tech was the first of it's kind for a Nike Signature. I emphasize Nike because Jordan Brand touched on it with the Air Jordan 22 back in 2007 with interchangeable pods of Zoom Air and Encapsulated Air. And then went up a notch by incorporating that same feature in an entirely removable and interchangeable midsole/insole combo on the Air Jordan 2011 which became the flagship sig for Dwyane Wade.

J2 Un-DS: MP-27 Ironhide

Minimalist Takara Box

If you're a fan of the 1980s G1 Transformers, you're probably the most amped up for Takara's release of the MP-27 Ironhide. Although a Nissan Vanette isn't exactly the best looking alt mode out of the bunch, the past 3 decades of Ironhide G1 and G1-esque toys left collectors and toy buffs something to be desired. Because until now, we've never really seen an accurate version of his G1 cartoon counterpart. More after the jump.


Classic 1999 Air Jordan 4. Can't mess with a good thing. Love the Swoosh.


J2: 'Happy'

Adidas Originals Stan Smith Vulc 'Happy'

In light of "420", which is way behind us already, BAIT and Adidas Originals came together for a special mock-up of the classic Stan Smith to commemorate the unofficial weed holiday. Dubbed "National Marijuana Day", April 20th marks the unofficial holiday for marijuana advocates, medical stoners and recreational stoners alike.

The Unlaced Podcast: Episode 1

Arjay and I have decided to re-up the podcast. Nothing serious, just something to do for fun on our spare time. In addition to wearing sneakers and the fact that it's enveloped our life at some point, one way or another, we thought it'd be fun to talk about the them and share it with people.

For any comments, constructive criticisms (or hate mail lol) or if you'd like to be a remote guest on the podcast in the future, be sure to hit us up at unlaced.the.podcast@gmail.com. Stay tuned as we try and churn out more episodes in the coming weeks and get the ball rolling on social media. For now, please have a listen to Episode 1 on SoundCloud.


J2: All Aboard The Kobe Hype Train!

I've been trying to sell my Kobes for years now. And now that he's retired, all these "Die-Hard Kobe Bryant Fans" come out of the woodwork. Since his last game, I've received maybe 10 texts and a string of e-mails asking if I have Kobes for sale still. No harm in that for me, because now people want them and they will pay a pretty coin to get them.

J2: Goodbye, Kobe. Hello Kobe XI.

It's been 20 years since Kobe first stepped on the professional hardwood. And what a career it's definitely been. We all know his ups, his downs, his highs and his lows. His fans, his haters, and his teammates and the 20 seasons, 2 Olympics, 33643 career points and 6306 career assists. We know it all.

J2 Un-DS: Transformers Masterpiece Edition

The more I age, the more I want cling onto and  re-live the better days of my childhood. As we grow older, we seem to drift apart from that with having children, moving up in our careers, and major life events like marriage and getting the keys to our new homes. Yes, I've accepted the fact that the good old days are behind me. And yes, I do look forward to what the future holds for me and my future family. And yes, I do deal with the harsh reality of real life and adult responsibilities. But no, I'm not going to totally grow up. Yet, anyway.