J2's Guide to "The Fresh Prince" Sneakers

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is probably one of the few shows I can watch all day. Watching re-runs during my sick days or lazy Sundays strike the thought of nostalgia every time. I guess growing up watching 6 seasons of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince will do that to you.

I love the 90's. I love 90's TV. I love the 90's footwear. Did I mention I love the 90's? And in light of reading Complex's Complete Guide to Seinfeld's Sneakers, I thought I'd come up with my own "guide" to Will Smith's line up of kicks that he donned for 7 years on the show. Here are my top 30 kicks worn by the Fresh Prince. Enjoy.

30. Nike Quantum Force High (Red/White)
Episode: S01E011 - Courting Disaster

29. Nike Base Force High (White/Black)
Episode: S03E16 - Bundle of Joy

28. Nike Air Ultra Force 3/4 High (Evergreen/White)
Episode: S02E16 - Geoffrey Cleans Up

27. Nike Air Ultra Force High (Black/White)
Episode: S01E08 - Someday, your Prince will be in effect (Pt. 1)

26. Nike Air Flight (White/Orange/Purple)
Episode: S02E04 - PSAT PStory

25. Nike Air Sonic Flight (Black/White)
Episode: S03E11 - Funny things happen on the way to the Forum

24. Nike Air Bound III (Black/White)
Episode: S04E03 - All Guts, No Glory

23. Nike Air Jordan IX (White/Black-True Red)
Episode: S04E14 - Sleepless in Bel-Air

22. Nike Air Ballistic Force High (White/Black)
Episode: S03E24 - Size Degrees of Graduation

21. Nike Air 180 (White/Ultramarine-Infrared)
Episode: S02E08 - She Ain't Heavy

20. Nike Air Speed Turf Trainer (Black/White)
Episode: S06E12 - Boxing Helena

19. Nike Air Flight Lite (White/Black)
Episode: S02E15 - My Brothers Keeper

18. Nike Air Max CB "Godzilla" (Black/White-Club Purple)
Episode: S06E05 - The script formerly known as...

17. Nike Air Huarache '94 (White/Black)
Episode: S05E03 - Reality Bites

16. Nike Air Force 180 Low (Black/Varsity Royal-White)
Episode: S02E21 - Vying for Attention

15. Nike Air Force High '93 (White/Club Purple)
Episode: S04E05 - It's better to have loved and lost it...

14. Nike Air Max Trainer '94 (White/Black-Forest Green)
Episode: S05E01 - What's Will got to do with it?

13. Nike Air Jordan VII "Cardinal" (White/Black-Cardinal Red)
Episode: S03E17 - Best Laid Plans

12. Nike Air Penny (Black/Varsity Royal-White)
Episode: S06E19 - I, Whoops, There it is

11. Nike Air Maestro (1994)
Episode: S04E21 - The harder they fall

10. Nike Air Up Scottie Pippen PE (White/Silver/Blk-True Red)
Episode: S05E17 - Will is from Mars

9. Nike Air Jordan VI "Infrared" (Black/Deep Infrared)
Episode: S02E22 - The aunt who came to dinner

8. Nike Air Jordan V (White/Black-Fire Red)
Episode: S01E10 - Kiss my Butler

7. Nike Air Solo Flight '90 (White/Royal-Electric Green)
Episode: S01E13 - Knowledge is Power

6. Nike Air Huarache (White/Scream Green-Royal)
Episode: S02E17 - Community Action

5. Nike Air Uptempo 2 "Duke Blue Devils" 
Episode: S05E22 - To thine own self be blue...and gold

4. Nike Air Jordan VII "Hare" (White/Light Silver-True Red)
Episode: S03E05 - Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe

3. Nike Air Jordan V "Grape" (White/Grape Ice-New Emerald)
Episode: S01E05 - Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy

2. Nike Air Jordan V (Black/Metallic Silver-Fire Red)
Episode: S01E01 - The Fresh Prince Project

1. Nike Air Jordan XI "All-Star" (White/Columbia Blue-Black)
Episode: S06E21 - I, Stank Hole in One

And a bonus...

DJ Jazzy Jeff in Nike Air Jordan V "Fire Red"
Episode - S02E09 - Cased Up



  1. You forgot ht eepisode were will smith was wearing the grape 5s

  2. Wow! Sick blog. I was just on ebay looking for throw back shoes and came across this site via google images by accident. Great documentation. No where can you find this kind of info. Keep up the good work,knowledge,love.

  3. me ebay ->images.google to, looks like Willi has a very good taste, all his shoes are true diamond classics, thanx for posting

  4. maximum respect... could you do the same for bud bundy? he wore LOTS of hot hi-tops

  5. Why doesn't anyone have the sneakers that he has on during the basketball game at bel-air academy in "Courting Disaster"?!