The Unlaced Podcast: Episode 1

Arjay and I have decided to re-up the podcast. Nothing serious, just something to do for fun on our spare time. In addition to wearing sneakers and the fact that it's enveloped our life at some point, one way or another, we thought it'd be fun to talk about the them and share it with people.

For any comments, constructive criticisms (or hate mail lol) or if you'd like to be a remote guest on the podcast in the future, be sure to hit us up at Stay tuned as we try and churn out more episodes in the coming weeks and get the ball rolling on social media. For now, please have a listen to Episode 1 on SoundCloud.


J2: All Aboard The Kobe Hype Train!

I've been trying to sell my Kobes for years now. And now that he's retired, all these "Die-Hard Kobe Bryant Fans" come out of the woodwork. Since his last game, I've received maybe 10 texts and a string of e-mails asking if I have Kobes for sale still. No harm in that for me, because now people want them and they will pay a pretty coin to get them.

J2: Goodbye, Kobe. Hello Kobe XI.

It's been 20 years since Kobe first stepped on the professional hardwood. And what a career it's definitely been. We all know his ups, his downs, his highs and his lows. His fans, his haters, and his teammates and the 20 seasons, 2 Olympics, 33643 career points and 6306 career assists. We know it all.

J2 Un-DS: Transformers Masterpiece Edition

The more I age, the more I want cling onto and  re-live the better days of my childhood. As we grow older, we seem to drift apart from that with having children, moving up in our careers, and major life events like marriage and getting the keys to our new homes. Yes, I've accepted the fact that the good old days are behind me. And yes, I do look forward to what the future holds for me and my future family. And yes, I do deal with the harsh reality of real life and adult responsibilities. But no, I'm not going to totally grow up. Yet, anyway.