J2 Un-DS: MP-28 Hot Rodimus

Initiating Unbox Therapy

Acquiring a Masterpiece Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Convoy or Rodimus Prime to some) has sat on the bottom of the list for quite some time. 1) Because a 2009 MP-09 model is difficult to come by nowadays, 2) They resell for nearly twice to three times as much, and 3) Many toy collectors have experienced QC issues that left them disappointed. While many loved the MP-09 for his trailer and size, he was apparently plagued with sensitive and easily breakable parts which made it frustrating to transform and to pose.

My only option was to look into buying third party. With the many QC issues that third party toys do have themselves, DX9 Carry wasn't all that bad based on the reviews I've read. But alas, I preferred a Takara product and I patiently waited. 

Air Max 98 TL: Bring Them Back

These need to be retro'd. Bring 'em back Nike