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Initiating Unbox Therapy

Acquiring a Masterpiece Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Convoy or Rodimus Prime to some) has sat on the bottom of the list for quite some time. 1) Because a 2009 MP-09 model is difficult to come by nowadays, 2) They resell for nearly twice to three times as much, and 3) Many toy collectors have experienced QC issues that left them disappointed. While many loved the MP-09 for his trailer and size, he was apparently plagued with sensitive and easily breakable parts which made it frustrating to transform and to pose.

My only option was to look into buying third party. With the many QC issues that third party toys do have themselves, DX9 Carry wasn't all that bad based on the reviews I've read. But alas, I preferred a Takara product and I patiently waited. 

MP-28 is the second Hot Rod model to release in the Masterpiece series. Some would say MP-28 is an entirely different character, as MP-09 came with the trailer as Rodimus Prime (or Rodimus Convoy), but for the sake of me not having an MP-09, I'll say they're the same. Aside from the missing trailer, MP-28 Hot Rod is closer to MP-10 scale in a sense that he is the same size as the other cars and can fit in MP-10's trailer, which is a huge plus. 

Hasbro G1 Rod Hod

G1 Cartoon Hot Rod

MP-28 Masterpiece Hot Rod

The tooling and engineering for this years model has also changed. To me, it's an upgrade in many ways. Although I don't have an MP-09, I haven't experienced QC issues with this one yet, nor have I read about them. So far I'd say it's a solid design.

L: MP-09 | R: MP-28

L: MP-09 | R: MP-28

Vehicle mode looks awesome right off the bat. The lines are cleaner than MP-09 and looks very well put together with fewer 'linebreaks'. The engine block and exhaust pipes are larger, relative to it's scale, which makes the car looks more aggressive and showcases the true essence of what Hod Rod is supposed to look like. MP-09 still does look pretty awesome and is more in tune with the cartoon, but that aside, I do prefer the MP-28 for it's overall sleek look and darker maroon color. If there is one thing I don't like, it's the half assed wheels Takara put on them. I wish they had done more with that. It barely rolls on a flat surface and looks ugly. 

Robot mode is where MP-28 shines because the difference between this and the MP-09 is night and day. Overall, MP-28 in robot mode looks perfect and more screen accurate than MP-09, IMO. Not only is he smaller, he is less bulky as well. Parts of the torso fold in and the roof glass is entirely hidden from site for a much cleaner and refined look. The legs also look better - way less bulk in the lower shins/footing area. 

Twin Photon Lasers?!

Like, MP-09, his head is equipped with his blue visor, but alot easier to pull down. I also like the shape of the head on this model more than the MP-09. He looks way more aggressive and 'cocky', which matches his TV persona perfectly. 

Front View: MP-28

"Oh hai guyz." - Hot Rod

"The Terminator"

"So you mean to say they released me with
a fishing rod because of this ONE scene?"

MP-28 comes with a few accessories: his saw blade, twin photon lasers and a fishing rod. Why? Because of that ONE scene in the movie. Love it or hate it, it's there. Overall, it didn't really quench my first world problem thirst with only a few goodies to make up for that trailer. So I still want one. 

MP-10 Optimus Prime | R: MP-09 Rodimus Prime  

For something that transforms into a car, the engineering involved to design this is already impressive. Add in articulation and pose-ability, it's something else. Everything in robot mode is articulated with full range or close-to full range of motion. Everything from his ball jointed head, double jointed arms to his swivel hips and flexible ankle joints, everything is there. All the awhile he stays true to his cartoon counterpart in both forms with very little bulk and zero kibble. Takara has done it again, and with the MP-28, it definitely lives up to the Masterpiece name. Now give us the trailer. 


MP-09 Comparison Photos
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