J2: Happy Friday

Today is Friday. Thank God.
I don't know why I even show up on Fridays. I have absolutely no desire to work or even stay in my cubicle. But considering my buddy, Matt is moving to TO as of 6am tomorrow, I decided to take the half day and chill.

Working in an office with 1/3 of the employees on vacation can get pretty boring, but here is a video that truely made my morning. I almost fell off my chair laughing. Enjoy.

Street Fighter x Tekken

Whaaaaaat?! For real?! This is a crazy idea. 2 very different formats of gameplay, I never expected this cross over to happen. But damn. Crazy. Can't wait for this one actually. I still prefer an MK franchise crossing over with SF under the Capcom fighting engine. But this will do for now.


J2: Out of Reach

Have you ever, in past or present, stood at an ATM trying to withdraw cash and see that you have $19.00 in your bank account? It's there. You see it, and you want it. But it's simply out of reach and there is nothing you can do about it. That is pretty crappy.

This is where I am right now. Methaphorically of course.


Sneak Peek: Transformers 3

So...you are replacing Megan Fox with Patrick Dempsey. FAIL.

I can't say I'm excited for a third installment. The second movie of the Hasbro franchise left me utterly dissappointed. I don't even know where to begin. Was it the major plot holes? The try hard comedy? The lack of GOOD Autobots and Decepticons? Or is it the fact that my favorite character is a satellite with Dr. Claw's voice from Inspector Gadget?

It seems Michael Bay has been pushing the envelope on cinematics but failing to deliver the direction on a solid plot, which in turn, makes for a better movie. And this time, without Megan Fox, why bother?! I guess only time will tell and hopefully, they'll introduce new Transformers that don't simply get killed off right away.

BTW, I see a flatblack Porsche Cayenne. I wonder who that is?!


Kobe Bryant Camp: "Lil' Mamba"

The center of attention at the Kobe Bryant Basketball Academy in Santa Barbara, CA was an 8 year old boy picking and rolling, breaking ankles, dishing no look passes and mastering the pull up jump shot. This kid is super tiny, but handles the ball amazingly well. So much so, it caught the eye of Kobe Bryant, who personally dubbed him as "Lil' Mamba".

I don't know how I didn't come across this on Nike Talk or Youtube, but found it on World Star. Hahaha.


J2: Lazy Friday

Summer is a slow season in oil & gas. So I'm sitting here doing absolutely nothing.
So I made this. It's a model of my water powered eco clock on AutoCAD.
Think green and buy one here.

Oh an HUGE props to Janey for my new office mug.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics. I really should bring my camera to work.


J2: Socially Awkward Moments

*Sigh* My life is a parade of missed chances and social misfires. Yet, I laugh at it. Ever run into those awkward moments you live on a day to day basis and quickly want to escape? I have. It sucks at that very moment but when you think about it in retrospect, it's hilarious and sometimes happens quite often. And I'm sure a lot of you have experienced one or two of these as well.

- You're at a grocery store and see an acquaintance and make small talk for a couple minutes, then part ways. Then 7 minutes later you see them in another aisle and you nod or waive in awkward silence. 

- You get off the bus/train with a friend and say "bye" and then end up walking the same way in complete silence.

- You walk out of a room/building holding the door for someone, only for them to use a different door or stop to answer their phone...and you're still holding the door.

- You dap and get a hand shake. Vice versa.

- Making fat jokes and no one laughs. Then you turn around and see a fat person right behind you.

- Telling long anecdotes you think are hilarious, to a group of people anticipatively waiting for the punchline  and then get little or no reaction.

- Saying "You too" to the ticket tellers after they greet you with "Enjoy your movie".

- You're in a long narrow hallway/path with no escape and seeing someone you know but barely talk to and you either look down and pretend not to see them or you stare at each other and wait until you're 2 feet in front of each other to say "Hi".

- You fall asleep on the bus/train, you dream and twitch as you wake up to everyone looking at you.

- A person walking beside you says "Hey how's it goin'?" You respond with "I'm good, how are you?" and you turn your head to see that he/she is on a Blue Tooth headset.

- A person you know, but really don't talk to, steps into the elevator so you pretend to talk on your phone. And it rings.

- You're walking in one direction realizing you need to go the opposite way, so you pretend to either check your watch or pull out your phone, turn around and walk the other direction.

- You drop a deuce in the restroom, flush, walk out to wash your hands and seeing a colleague at the sink next to you in complete silence.

- Someone greets you with "Hey, what's up?" and you respond with "Not bad, how are you?"

- You're sitting on a bench by yourself and you realize you have to leave and stranger sits next to you. You're then obligated to stay for a few minutes as to not appear that you're leaving because of them.

- Press the wrong floor button in a crowded elevator. You walk out that  floor to avoid embarrassment.

- Ring the stop bell too early on the bus. And you walk out anyway and trek to your house 6 blocks away to avoid embarrassment.

- You see a female acquaintance and upon greeting, can't decide whether to hug, shake hands or just say "Hi".

- You're office chair makes a fart sound and everyone hears, so you quietly try and repeat that sound.

- You see a guy at Canadian Tire with khakis and a red collared shirt. "Where can I find your paint?" ..... "I don't work here".

- You almost trip or stumble while walking. Then look back at the invisible object. Then look around to see if anyone is looking...they are looking.

- Co-worker calls you the wrong name. You don't correct him and he calls you that name for months until someone corrects him in front of you.

- Work luncheon at a restaurant with higher-ups and managers. Waiter takes your order first and you order a beer. Everyone else orders water.

J2: Afternoon Clean Up

Polishing up my summer rotation using Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution. Click here.


The Announcement

John Mayer makes his "Decision"

J2: My next game

I haven't bought this franchise yet, I was always a fan of Live in my adolescent PS2 days. But since NBA Street Vol. 2, MJ hasn't been a playable character in anything...until now of course.

Playable as the 97 post-season MJ. Flu Gaaaaame.

2010-11 Heat?!

2010 is probably the BEST year, by far in terms of speculations in trades, free agency, and contracts. With players like Ray Allen, Ginobli, Lebron, Nowitzki, Josh Howard, and Joe Johnson free to move around, there is no telling where the momentum could swing for next season. Even for players past their prime are on the list to make some big moves, a la Iverson, Shaq and McGady.

What IS interesting though, and probably the most talked about in this scenario, is where Lebron is going. After multiple teams showering Bron with gifts, toys and lifetime perks, he's finally leadng toward a decision. In light of this mornings news, can we look at the next "Big 3"?

3 key players during the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal run will most likely band together for 2010-2011. On the other hand, why would NYC offer Amare 100M to play with no support?

Underground: New DFD, Wax and Herbal T

This track is pretty dope. From the new album "Clockwise", which can be bought here. What I love about these underground albums is that they aren't available for torrent download. Support them.


Another one. By Wax - STAY OFF MY FACEBOOK.

A must have...

I grew up wearing and collecting sneakers. I grew up playing this videogame. Put the 2 together, and you have a MUST-HAVE situation. I NEED THESE. I'm not sure on the release, but I'll keep am eye out for them.

T to B: Nike Dunk SB Mid  "Ryu", Nike Dunk SB Low "Chun Li"

J2: Worst Canada Day EVER

I sprained my knee playing basketball on Tuesday. Perfect timing. Thank you, God. 2 weeks until my first game, and my injury rendered me useless for Canada Day long weekend. I couldn't get to work on Wednesday as the pain was too excruciating, I missed 2 tee times on the golf course, missed a basketball practice, can't work out anymore and above all else, I am most likely staying home this entire 4 day long weekend hopped up on Percocet, while sports doctors all over the city aren't taking new patients. Summer isn't looking too good right now. And damn, it's so nice outside. I hope it rains.

P.S. I STILL have a Check Engine Lamp on my car. FML x a million.