2010-11 Heat?!

2010 is probably the BEST year, by far in terms of speculations in trades, free agency, and contracts. With players like Ray Allen, Ginobli, Lebron, Nowitzki, Josh Howard, and Joe Johnson free to move around, there is no telling where the momentum could swing for next season. Even for players past their prime are on the list to make some big moves, a la Iverson, Shaq and McGady.

What IS interesting though, and probably the most talked about in this scenario, is where Lebron is going. After multiple teams showering Bron with gifts, toys and lifetime perks, he's finally leadng toward a decision. In light of this mornings news, can we look at the next "Big 3"?

3 key players during the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal run will most likely band together for 2010-2011. On the other hand, why would NYC offer Amare 100M to play with no support?

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