Playboy's Top 23 List

The list is here, click Nice Kicks for the list and if you wanna see the 'goods' click (NSFW).

I have a lot to critique about this list. But maybe we'll discuss it on the podcast. The list isn't half bad, but it's missing a few key pieces to make this list top notch. And I probably would have rearranged the order of some of them. But some things are obvious, the Air Jordan XIII was released in 1998, not 1988. Having said that, is it gay that I noticed this discrepancy first and NOT insanely hot Jamie Edmondson? It also would have been miles better if the "Solemates" wore the shoes. It would have made for great wallpaper at the office. Haha.


Following Lebron James' Career

"Yo Kobe, I'll see you in NBA Cha....nevermind."

In light of the Heat going to the Finals, I'll write about the element that got them there. I've noticed Lebron grow throughout his career from St. Vincent-St.Mary in Akron Ohio, to the rough and great times on the Cavs to taking his now-undeserved talents to South Beach, Miami. Throughout the years, I've seen players switch shoes and shoe companies, sign with teams, get tattoos, shatter records, do unbelievable things and accomplish incredible feats... and get Championships. For Lebron James, it's been something else these past 8 years. Have you ever noticed Lebron is still mortal? Dumb question, but although he has Superman talents on the hardwood, he still suffers the Kryptonite of insecurity. Let's take a close look at what I'm talking about:

NikeTalk: WDYWT?

Air Max 90 "Vivid Blue" 

J2: You are in Spartan territory

On May 1st, 2011, J2 became a Spartan. He's #14 on your programs and #1 in your hearts! Hahaha.

At first I only played shinny to make use of my brand new equipment, which was an impulse buy more than anything. Then the more I played, the more I relived my youth as a defensemen. From which I loved, so I joined a team. It's funny how I watch professional basketball and collect basketball sneakers, but play organized hockey on a regular basis. I bought new gloves the other day and I am happy with the how they fit.

We are 1-2 in the NCHL so far, not a great record, but our team is new and we need time to gel together. Think of us as the Knicks on skates. 


Unlaced: Episode 8 - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good evening! J2 and Soled Out are back with Episode 8. This episode discusses some general tidbits, Jordan Brand, J2 Customs, Nike Talk, sneaker storage, general shoe talk, ATF's All Day, the NBA Playoffs and Soled Out's soon-to-be-infamous rant on the LA Lakers. BTW, we have a new logo, so everything is SLOWLY coming together. Hopefully we can get the site going as well. Keep it locked on Unlaced.

Unlaced - Episode 8


This podcast contains language some listeners might find offensive.
Discretion is advised.

J2: Storage - J-PHKR style

I was reading a thread on NikeTalk regarding storage called "Where do you store your collection?". I was browsing through the thread and found some nice storage set ups for kicks. Guys like friscokydd, nickfairclough, Skavangerbrandon and Cris. Or if you're really hardcore, you can utilize empty space in your home and build a separate room for your shoes like demonbasketball04. (I'm actually just showing you these set ups so you don't think I'm crazy, hahaha)

I began thinking - I need better storage methods for my boxes. I need to do this for a few reasons:

Longevity: The boxes that aren't on the bottom get squished over time. I like my boxes and I like keeping them. And because of Nike's tireless efforts to produce 'green' and eco-friendly shoe containers, the quality and sturdiness left something to be desired.

Access: Playing Jenga with my sneakers is not very fun. When it topples over, it sucks to clean up and it's worse if you get a shoe box in the face. Quite often, I never wear, much less see the shoes on the bottom of my stacks because I HATE pulling them out.

Organization: Storing them properly also promotes organization skills. Often when I pull a box out, I place the it back on top instead of where I left it. So my shoes aren't in order and ends up in a big cluster fuck to find shit later (Yes, I am that much of a bitch). To have everything stacked neatly with ease of access makes it easier for me at the end.  I just wanna walk into a room, know where everything is, pull it out, take the shoes out, and put the box back to where I left it. Done.

And above all else, it just looks better.

I began preliminary plans by measuring the storage space in the spare room. Because there are tons of my family's boxes of stuff in there, I pushed and stacked everything back as far as I could against the wall (hence, if you see the pic below, there is a hatch line encompassing an area called "Unusable Space"). I took a shelving unit I found on Rona's Home Building website and used the dimensions to model a copy of their shelf on AutoCAD (Yay, my two years at SAIT pays off). And then used the dimensions of the room to see how many of these shelving units can fit.

I modeled the room, as well as a typical sneaker box to see how many of these guys I can actually fit into the setup.

Everything worked out perfectly, I actually was able to fit 3 rows of shoes on each shelf and 4 on the top shelf, so I was able save space and actually fit my CDP, DMP, and other packaged boxes in the set up. I'm done finally, maybe I'll post pics, but for now, I'll leave it here.


J2: Air Jordan x Playboy

No, it's not a typo. There is not a combination in the world I love more than chicks n' kicks. Playboy Playmate Francesca Frigo IS Mars Blackmon. Word up, Spike Lee who? On May 31st, Playboy will reveal Francesca Frigo's wonderful assets (and a few other Playmates) as well as their picks for the Top 23 Air Jordans ever. Cool concept, but I mean, a men's magazine that specializes in naked women, spitting knowledge about kicks? This, I gotta see. I guess I'll watch the feature and critique the list...and see Mars with no pants. Yay!

"A girl who rocks the III is THE one for me."


J2: "My First Post"

I've been on the low for the past couple weeks getting things happening and taking care of the daunting task of filing corporate income taxes for the Canada Revenue Agency (Boooooo-urns). I've also joined an ice hockey team for the NCHL, cleaned up my basement in preparation for a collection post and proper storage, getting prepped up for golf season and work, as always. In addition to that, and what Soled Out deems is "my greatest accomplishment" on a professional level (WTF), I am now part of the writing staff for an online magazine called Sneaker Files. I'm not a professional writer, but I could talk and write my ass off about shoes all day. And on a global scale, where my ramblings about kicks can be exposed to a larger reader base (I mean, come on, I'm sure not alot of people read this blog) gives me a sense of pride. I love sneakers and I can't get away from 'em. I'd like to share with you my first post:

By the way, keep Sneaker Files on lock for all your Sneaker Information. Visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and show us your support. 


J2 Customs on

I woke up, came to work, logged in and did my rounds on the internet before actually getting to work. I clicked on Sneaker News for my daily reads and came across this pleasant surprise posted yesterday by the staff:

Many thanks to Sneaker News and NT. Big ups!

And for some color. Today's wear:

Air Max 90 "Laser Blue"

"Look at me now" by Chris Brown ft. Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes (COVER)

by @KarminMusic.

This girl is BEASTIN' 

Same song with ?uestlove


J2 Customs: Air Force One '07 "Atmos"

Air Force One '07 "Atmos" 
Custom by J2
(stealth/black/clear jade-white)

I really like the colorway of the Air Max '87 "Atmos". So much so, I wanted to replicate the palette onto a different canvas. I was rummaging through my stash and found a pair of all white Air Force One Icey Sole that I hadn't touched or worn yet. So I decided to give it a go for a few days.

I thought covering the entire shoe in elephant print was too much, so I splashed the heel in the Air Jordan III inspired pattern and left the toe box alone. I wanted another mock-luxury "bespoke" style material on the shoe as well, so I took out the burner and carved a faux-croc skin Swoosh.

I tried to duplicate the clear-jade color as best as I could, but I couldn't get it bright enough. Maybe next time I could use some neon colors. But it still turned out okay for contrast.

Anyway, here is my latest. It's not perfect and I wish I knew how to sew so I can take the tongue off and work on that, but oh well. I'm pretty happy with it.

And for those interested, here is a before pic.


J2: Details

Can't wait until the Bow is done. 
Looks like it's going to be one awesome piece of architecture. 


J2: Almost done...

J2: Playoff blues far I'm tied for the lead in my pool...but wow. Thanks Memphis...thanks for ruining everything. Not only did they beat the Spurs in 6, they took the first game in the Semi-Finals. The rest of my iffy picks for Round 2:

Lakers (4-3)
Thunder (4-2)

Bulls (4-2)
Celtics (4-3)

Chicago lost today. ATL shot over 50% holding back Rose in a poor first half. Joe Johnson beaste! Which, BTW, ATL fans, he's not going to go 34 points again, so don't hold your breath. Overall Chicago didn't play very well and ATL did, but only won by 8. And to add salt to the wound, Rose twists his ankle. My future champ hopes are slowly diminishing. BUT, only 8 points from a solid ATL performance and poor CHI defense? I think they can still take this.

Memphis, again. F*ck you. Randolph, I hope you sprain an ankle Hahaha. Spurs are out, thats bad enough. But to beat OKC. Wow. This is like the Flames unprecedented 2004 playoff run except...I'M NOT HAPPY. This could go 7 games. Or worse, the Grizz holding an upset.

Celtics....hmmm...well, they lost because of questionable calls IMO. Okay the Heat are playing alright, but not as good as the Celtics SHOULD be playing. As for Pierce's ejection? I hate Boston. I hate cry-baby, wheel chair rolling, fake-ass "greatest" Celtic Paul Piece, but he didn't deserve to get ejected from the game. Wade plowed through him and got in Paul's face. IMO, technical on DWade. But this was hilarious and clears it up a bit as to WHY he got ejected:

I told Wade I will **** his mom like how my man D. West did his mans. Thats why I got ejected.


So far, my picks for Round 2 are looking like upsets. But hopefully, this isn't a foreshadowing for things to come. By the way, if LA loses today or if Kobe's ankle gets worse (yeah, he sprained it too), it's officially a shitty series of Game 1s. Let's pray for at least ONE win tonight.