J2: You are in Spartan territory

On May 1st, 2011, J2 became a Spartan. He's #14 on your programs and #1 in your hearts! Hahaha.

At first I only played shinny to make use of my brand new equipment, which was an impulse buy more than anything. Then the more I played, the more I relived my youth as a defensemen. From which I loved, so I joined a team. It's funny how I watch professional basketball and collect basketball sneakers, but play organized hockey on a regular basis. I bought new gloves the other day and I am happy with the how they fit.

We are 1-2 in the NCHL so far, not a great record, but our team is new and we need time to gel together. Think of us as the Knicks on skates. 



  1. Can I get some information on #23? We're always looking for good talent and I need a guy on my wing that I can depend on

  2. #23 is a ours. He's not handing out Gatorade for anyone else but us.