J2: Storage - J-PHKR style

I was reading a thread on NikeTalk regarding storage called "Where do you store your collection?". I was browsing through the thread and found some nice storage set ups for kicks. Guys like friscokydd, nickfairclough, Skavangerbrandon and Cris. Or if you're really hardcore, you can utilize empty space in your home and build a separate room for your shoes like demonbasketball04. (I'm actually just showing you these set ups so you don't think I'm crazy, hahaha)

I began thinking - I need better storage methods for my boxes. I need to do this for a few reasons:

Longevity: The boxes that aren't on the bottom get squished over time. I like my boxes and I like keeping them. And because of Nike's tireless efforts to produce 'green' and eco-friendly shoe containers, the quality and sturdiness left something to be desired.

Access: Playing Jenga with my sneakers is not very fun. When it topples over, it sucks to clean up and it's worse if you get a shoe box in the face. Quite often, I never wear, much less see the shoes on the bottom of my stacks because I HATE pulling them out.

Organization: Storing them properly also promotes organization skills. Often when I pull a box out, I place the it back on top instead of where I left it. So my shoes aren't in order and ends up in a big cluster fuck to find shit later (Yes, I am that much of a bitch). To have everything stacked neatly with ease of access makes it easier for me at the end.  I just wanna walk into a room, know where everything is, pull it out, take the shoes out, and put the box back to where I left it. Done.

And above all else, it just looks better.

I began preliminary plans by measuring the storage space in the spare room. Because there are tons of my family's boxes of stuff in there, I pushed and stacked everything back as far as I could against the wall (hence, if you see the pic below, there is a hatch line encompassing an area called "Unusable Space"). I took a shelving unit I found on Rona's Home Building website and used the dimensions to model a copy of their shelf on AutoCAD (Yay, my two years at SAIT pays off). And then used the dimensions of the room to see how many of these shelving units can fit.

I modeled the room, as well as a typical sneaker box to see how many of these guys I can actually fit into the setup.

Everything worked out perfectly, I actually was able to fit 3 rows of shoes on each shelf and 4 on the top shelf, so I was able save space and actually fit my CDP, DMP, and other packaged boxes in the set up. I'm done finally, maybe I'll post pics, but for now, I'll leave it here.



  1. thought you're dad said he didn't want to?

  2. Maybe it's time to move out...