RIP Greg Giraldo

I'm a huge fan of stand-up and I love celebrity roasts. This man was hilarious. I was huge of his comedy and he made roasts that much more funny. I actually enjoyed his bits more so than Jeff Ross. It's a very sad and unfortunate way to go. RIP.

 Greg Giraldo (1965-2010)

NBA Media Day 2010

Pics from NBA Media Day

I'm actually amp'd for this season. There are obvious favorites this year, the Lakers being one of them from the west and the team from the EC that everyone wants to see this year, MIA. But because of the kind of movement the NBA has been experiencing through out the off-season, you can't count out the teams that have potential to make some noise, but still...I have one question for you:

Drive for 6 begins now...

Source: Niketalk

J2: My week wrap-up & WDYWT #4

  • Rough week. And although it's Saturday, my rough week isn't over yet.
  • The 49ers lost a nail biter even WITH a 2-point conversion on Sunday. That was the beginning of my shitty week. I HATE New Orleans.
  • The only sliver of good weather we've had lately (it's supposed to be 20 degrees today) and I'm stuck in the office. WTF!
  • Not only am I stuck in the office, I am doing a shit load of heat tracing. (for you engineers, drafters and designers in my field, you know how shitty that can be, especially when you're doing it all day)
  • I noticed my chances of getting to where I want in my personal life are getting slimmer and slimmer by the day. And I believe I blew it the other day. But ain't even mad, 'cause that's me and luck/karma working in perfect harmony. Fuck that.
  • Finally finished volunteering for Youth Basketball try-outs this week. I like evaluating children. Not because I love children, but because the fate of their parent's dream of having their son in Team 1 this year falls directing into my hands. Muahahaha.
  • I've been feeling down lately, so I bought myself a pair of Photoblue AM 95's to cheer myself up.
  • Caught the season premiers of The Office, Big Bang Theory and Hell's Kitchen. I don't watch too much TV but I'll always make time to catch these shows.
  • Played ball for the first time in a couple weeks. I hate Teen Nights. No gyms available ANYWHERE. We played outside for 2 hours, I really hope I don't get sick, I can't afford to get sick.
  • Started the Insanity Program a couple weeks ago. It's some tough shit. I noticed my stamina, muscle endurance and breathing has gotten a little better after a few sessions of this. I guess I'll keep powering through it and see where it takes me. Today: Plyometric Circuits.
  • Hopefully things get alot brighter for me soon.
  • Oh right, a WDYWT? for the week:

Air Max 90 "Air Attack"
Black/Grey Denim


J2: The Tiniest Things That Are Devastating

There are little things in life that make us happy or generally puts a smile on our faces in our day to day routines. It could be a cute puppy, a compliment, nice weather, a beautiful girl walking down the street, finding a loonie on the ground, or coming home to a nice, home-cooked meal waiting for you at the kitchen table. Nobody notices these tiny little things because we often take them for granted because, for some of us, it happens so often, we just brush it off. What I do notice in MY life, however, are the littlest mishaps that shit on my day. The most miniscule things that make one say "Well, shit". The tiniest things I find devastating, in no particular order:

Biting my tongue.
This sucks. Especially when it bleeds. Because then I'd sit there contemplating whether I should stick a ball of tissue in my mouth to stop the bleeding at the expense of leaving bits of tissue in there afterwards or letting it bleed out, tasting my own idiocy. This is followed by a canker sore, which leads to wishing I could cut my tongue off.

Getting my socks wet
I hate this with a passion. Not only because if you get your socks wet, your kicks come with it, but it's so goddamn uncomfortable and it gets really annoying. This sucks even more when it happens early in the day and you have no access to a fresh pair until the drive home.

Hitting my funny bone
I do this alot for some reason. Maybe because I'm really clumsy. Why is it called a funny bone? When you bang it on a bookshelf, it's not fucking funny, so I don't get it. I often have a difficult time supressing my anger and frustration when this happens, because I usually do it in the office. Same goes with bashing your knee on your desk or getting stabbed in the ribs or kidney by the corner of a countertop.

Stepping on dog shit
This is bad for obvious reasons. For me, it sucks twice as bad because this will happen on the ONE day I decide to wear a pair of shoes I normally don't wear because I fear it will get dirty. Sometimes, because my luck is so terrible, I shrug and say "I ain't even mad, of course this happened." all while crying inside.

Biting a metal fork
This is the fork saying "Fuck you, stop eating!". This rarely happens, but when it does, it's just as annoying as hearing nails scratching against a chalk board. Makes me cringe thinking about both.

Stubbing my toe
This is one of the worst feelings ever, especially getting out of bed in the morning. You stub your toe on something, proceed to grab your foot, stare at it and start screaming obscenities like it was your toe's fault and it could understand English, all while hopping up and down trying to balance on one leg. Depending how bad this is, it might bring a tear to my eye.

Forgetting my wallet
Especially when your access card to your office building is in this wallet and you have sit outside until someone with an access card arrives and you don't want to look like an idiot so you pretend you're outside having a smoke or texting your friend. Then you can't exit or sign out of the building at the end of the day so you're in the lobby doing the same thing when someone else comes to help you out.

Sleeping through the "snooze" button
I like having extra sleep. But not to the point where you hit "snooze" and end up sleeping for an extra 45 minutes and wake up knowing that you should have left the house 10 minutes ago. I hate rushing out of the house. This normally leads to "Forgetting my wallet" and/or keys.

Spilling a drink on the couch/carpet
Whenever I have a glass of water, this never happens. When I have a glass of juice, soda or coffee, THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS. WHY!? It sucks harder when your show is about to start on TV and you have to go upstairs find a wet towel and some Oxy Clean and try and scrub that shit off before the end of the opening credits.

Victim of Food Raiders
When it's 1:00am and I'm craving something so badly then realize "Oh nice, I have some!", then I go downstairs and check the pantry or the fridge and find out some one finished the last peice of whatever. This is one of the downsides to having siblings.

When my phone/iPod dies
I don't have this problem with my phone quite as often, but I feel incomplete when it dies. It takes a fat shit on my day when my phone takes a major L and shuts off when the battery is low. It's the same with my iPod when I'm on a 8-10 hour flight to go somewhere and it dies 2 hours into the flight because I forgot to charge it. FML.

Breaking my lead on my pencil
I don't mean mechanical pencils. I mean wooden pencils. Everyone uses mechanical pencils this day in age because it's more convenient and it lasts longer than the conventional yellow No. 2. But when you happen to be stuck with a wooden pencil and it breaks, and there are no pencil sharpeners anywhere because no one uses them anymore...THAT is devastating. Especially when you were doing something an exam.

When vending machines won't accept my bills
This frustrates the shit out of me. You feed your $5 bill into the machine 6 times and spits it out everytime. Even more so when the bill is perfectly straight and uncrumpled, yet the stupid machine won't take it. So you humour the machine and stick another bill in there just for fun and that $20 bill will end up working. Now you have to carry out the rest of your day with a bag of chips you just bought and 18 loonies in your pocket. Fuck you.

Waking up with calf-strains and leg cramps
This is terrible. I don't wish this kind of pain on anyone. This usually happens at 3 in the morning, just hours before getting up to go to work, where you wake up and suddenly find yourself sitting up grabbing your calves trying to bend your foot but it's locked up to the point where you have to stand up and lean on a wall trying to flex your leg.

No toilet paper
This is real shitty (no pun intended) to no end. Especially in a public washroom. It's one of those moments where you sit there and you stare at that brown cardboard tube where the tissue used to be and say "...fuck". And you think for a few minutes wondering what you should do at that point.

Shitty breakfast
I hate waking up and pouring a bowl of cereal into the bowl. Open the fridge for some milk and one of two things take place. 1. There's no milk, which then you take your bowl of cereal, eat it plain or try and pour it back into the clear plastic bag within the box and most of it misses the bag and hits the bottom of the cardboard box instead OR 2. You pour the milk into the bowl. All is well and good until you take a bite and it's either chunky as hell or sour. Entire breakfast wasted.

Washing/waxing my car...and it rains
This is where my crappy luck comes into play the most. Unless I follow a 14 day forecast in which that one Saturday remains 25 degrees for the remaining 14 days until that day, I will never, EVER wash my car. Because everytime I do, I get some sort of precipitation falling from the sky the next day. I have a theory. The more detail you put into the car that day, the worse the weather will be the next day. If I spray it down, it will drizzle. If I soap and wash, it will rain. If I wax, it will hail. If I wax, detail, clay bar and apply tirecare, Calgary will get a 3-day snow storm in the middle of June.

These are painful AND annoying. And depending where it is, it can ruin your day. Especially if you get cut by a thick piece of bristol board.

Exploding Pizza Pops
This is very minor, but I hate it so much. No one likes warming up Pizza Pops and having to clean up the filling that explodes all over the inside of the microwave. Then you eat your stupidity by munching on half empty Pizza Pops on your plate. Fuck that.

Drive Thru's messing up orders
I hate driving through a drive thru, ordering food, taking it home and finding no straws or McNugget sauce. What...The...Fuck. Then you're stuck with the option to either having to drive back or eat what could have been a satisfying "off-day" meal. Then you feel like ass later because you just had McDonalds (as if it weren't bad enough already) and it didn't even satisfy your cravings.

Stains on my shirts
...AT THE START OF THE DAY. This is the worst! Especially when having to show up somewhere important or significant, you spill something on your brand new tie or button down and have to take the walk of shame to where ever you're going and accept the fact that you have a stain on your swag compromising any social integrity you may have.

Rice on my sock
I don't know how it is with other Filipinos (or Asians for that matter). But I run into this problem more than I'd like. I HATE getting rice stuck on the bottom of my sock. For one, it's sticky and annoying. Two, if it's left on there it becomes hard and it seems to be stuck there forever. This happens more at family parties where the rice scooper is flailing around everywhere causing little rice kernels to be launched onto the kitchen floor waiting for an innocent filipino to fall victim to such an annoying trap. Bringing an extra pair of socks to a filipino party is a must unless you have a pair of "chinelas".


BTW:  If I think of more, I'll edit the post in a different color.

J2: JB news for you JB whores


Jordan Brand, during these past 3-5 years, has been slipping in the "heat" market. I made a post earlier about the upcoming and highly anticipated Bordeaux VII release for 2011 (Which, as of right now, is still confirmed to be a solid release for next year) and how Jordan Brand might be turning over a new leaf.

Although JB is STILL pumping out useless fusions and wack-ass colorways to please the 'Beasts, they're finally releasing the shit that us, OG guys, want - more solid Retros and more nostalgic colorways. JB is promising exactly that, as new information has been leaked concerning the 2011 stock from a very reputable source who leaked and confirmed the Infrared Pack and Olympic VIIs for 2010.

I know I said I'd retire, sell out and liquidate everything I have (which is why I opened this blog in the first place), but in light of all this new information, I really don't think that's going to happen for 2011. Let's be honest, if you're a JB whore like I am, would you sleep on the upcoming year? Before you answer, let's take a peak at what's in store for 2011:

- New Air Jordan boxes for 2011 (finally!!!)
- No more Silver (25th) Anniversary Retros. Sales were slow for 2009-2010.

- Air Jordan III (white/cement) - full size run - 1/22/11
- Air Jordan XIII "Playoff" (black/varsity red-white) - full size run - 2/26/11
- Air Jordan V "Bin 23" - Q2 2011 - quickstrike
- Air Jordan VII "Orion" - March 2011 - full size run
- Air Jordan VII "Bordeaux" - April 2011 - full size run
- Air Jordan VII "Cardinal" - June 2011 - full size run
- Air Jordan III "True Blue" - July 2011 - full size run
- Air Jordan V "Grape/Laney" pack - August 2011 - $310 Mens, $200 GS
- Air Jordan VI "Olympic" Q3 2011 (I'm assuming/hoping white/obsidian-red)
- Air Jordan IV (white/cement) Q3-Q4 2011
- Air Jordan X "Chicago" - Q3-Q4 2011

last but mos def not least:

- Air Jordan XI "Concord"/"Columbia" Q4 2011
(considered as a package but, with JB, anything can change from now until then)

Werd, I just jizzed my pants too.


source: thebeast23 (NikeTalk)

"I guess a twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye..."

"...Although she's crazy steppin', I'll try to stop her stride,
'Cause I won't have no more of this passing me by..."

Another one of my favorite songs of all time. In HD. Enjoy.

"...She keeps on passing me by..."


J2: Sophia Jordyn

If you've read as far back as July, I made a post announcing the birth of my niece Sophia Jordyn (Yessir, she's got my name! Sorta.), but I've never posted pictures. I don't know why I didn't, she is so cute. Sometimes children can be quite a handful, sometimes annoying, sometimes makes me happy that I'm not a parent. But looking at Sophia and her parents, (and noting, in my head, the fact that her father can be classified as clinically insane and socially awkward hahaha) and the drastic changes they've instilled into their lives over these years, makes me realize it wouldn't be so bad to have two or three of these little things one day. And no, it wouldn't be a "One to rock, one to stock" type scenario.

Sophia & her mother
Sophia & JFTB
DS Air Jordan VI - Yeah, she's starting early.


AskStudent: 99% of the College Community

Schools in. Books are out. Time to meet your classmates. I found this pretty funny and very entertaining. It's also shocking at how accurate some of these are. Spending roughly 3 years in College I have met ALOT of these people. And even through friends and family today, being 3 years into my career, I still meet these kinds of students. Here are some of my favorite ones that I've met through out my course in school:

You will never hear this guy/girl ever say anything, whether it be to other students or the professor. Then one day, after looking extremely intense or constipated for an hour straight, they will say something so gloriously insightful that it will bring tears to the eyes of everyone who bears witness to it. Then they will never speak again.

This kid is a douche bag! And for arguments sake let’s call him “DANNY” You desperately want to punch him in his ear, but he’s disabled. And because he disabled he makes sure to piss EVERYONE OFF with extra annoyance on the side. This kid will sometime attempt to befriend you then manage to say or do something so unspeakably rude or offer some sort of backwards compliment. Parties disassemble whenever this Ass hat manages to find his way to one. Everyone avoids him but secretly watches him to see if he will lose a crutch while walking or roll down the stairs just to get in a good chuckle.

Usually in the 28-32 year range, this species refuses to let go of the joys of college. Can be found on campus seven days a week, and is always present at EVERY SINGLE FRAT PARTY. Will give you some lame, shady excuse why he’s still in college, and will then befriend you so he can abuse the T1 connection in your dorm room to download porn. Most often has no friends his own age, is unemployed and still lives with his parents. Because he is older than everyone else, he will constantly criticize everyone for acting like children, but will then throw a tantrum when you won’t let him play a game of HALO. He loves crappy beer, joints and the cheapest cigarettes available.

OMG BUSY! These girls (invariably) are incredibly busy with their nursing school workload. Despite this, they get shit faced constantly with their fellow nursing school students, only to wake up at 5am for their OB rotation. Often incredibly attractive, these girls typically are still attached to the same guy they knew in high school, who they will marry.

This guy uses his job as an excuse not to show up and help with group projects. He will claim that he must work all the time and therefore cannot show up for any of the group meetings. Impossible to get hold of outside of class. Generally a 50/50 shot of doing the work.

The Facebook Addict often makes references to who changed/added what, and who “its complicated” with who. Most of their sentences begin with “omg did u see _______ on his/her wall?” and end with “Tag it!” They check facebook every chance they get, only to get pissed when they dont have a new wall post from when they last checked it 18 seconds ago. They are amazed by those who mini-feed say they have “no recent activity” and how they have such self control. The FACEBOOK ADDICT often joins many groups and is only moments away from becoming the FACEBOOK ZOMBIE.

Intellectual Superhero is neither an intellectual nor a superhero, but don’t tell him that! The Intellectual Superhero is easily identified by his complete inability to allow a class period to pass by without asking at least 654 questions designed to show how “witty” and “clever” he is. He will attempt to prove the professor wrong in every class with his inane bullshit, regardless of the fact that the professor has a doctorate in the field. If it’s a science course, the Intellectual Superhero will attempt to solve every problem using an alternate method, which is always incorrect. But don’t worry; he’ll still manage to waste 20 minutes of your life with his insane method of solving the problem. At least you’ll get to laugh at him when the professor proves him wrong.

The 45 Year Old College Student with Two Kids is one of the more interesting persona’s found in the college classroom. This subject has returned to school in an attempt to better her life, which is a great endeavor. However, there are a few things about this person that will make you want to punch her in the face by the end of the semester. The 45-year-old college student with two kids must write down every word the professor says. This will cause the class to be peppered with calls of “can you repeat that” approximately every 0.23 seconds. Second, she must ask the most obvious questions, preferably ones the professor has already answered.

This guy doesn’t have “mad skills”; Instead, there is no word in the English language that properly describes how good this fucker is with a plasma rifle or pistol. He looks rather ordinary, with no unusual physical features, nor obvious personality quirks. But give him an Xbox, and a copy of Halo, and prepare to have many recurring nightmares of what you’re about to see. You could swear that the The Guy with inhuman Halo skills has found a way to wire an Xbox to his brain, because there is no other explanation to how impossibly good he is. He quite literally can chuck a grenade at a difficult-to-reach weapon, and the explosion will launch the said weapon straight at him, as if he was pulling it telekineticaly. He knows the location of every item on every map, and knows exactly when that item is gonna respawn.

This student will make it a point to one-up anything that comes out of anyones mouth. You study for a test for 6 hours? He studied for 10. You drank 12 beers? He drank 20. You’ve broken your arm twice? He’s broken his 3 times. The interesting thing to note about the One-Upper is the fact that everything he says is a lie, but he has convinced himself its true.

Silent Foreign Curve Destroyer has nothing better to do than study. While the average of the rest of the class is a respectable 45%, Silent Foreign Curve Destroyer has approximately a 1351% in the course, thereby totally destroying any chance you had of passing the class. Silent Foreign Curve Destroyer can be identified by the fact that he will be in the library before you get there and stay far after you’ve left. He will almost certainly wear the same clothing throughout the entire course, and, while he may be human, it’s more likely that he’s some kind of magic robot.

One who is rarely seen without a TI-83 Plus or higher model calculator, and actually knows how to, and does, use all the functions of said calculator. Often makes jokes that one outside of the Engineering spectrum will not understand, or makes really horrible ones, or both. Example: “I’m pretty sure it was a zero-force member…” “that’s what she said.” Takes many science/math courses that are said to “strongly relate to core Engineering” and “provide a base for higher level courses” but in reality 99% of skills in said classes are rarely used.

This student’s life revolves around sports. He can quote sports scores, character stats, and just about anything from some obscure game last week. Not only did he watch it, he studied it while his classmates were studying for that quiz he failed. He usually arrives in class approximately 10 minutes late wearing his favorite sports team hat and jacket, only to talk about sports for the entire class. Interestingly, the Madden Jr. rarely, if ever, has any athletic ability of his own, and is often obese due to a diet consisting entirely of nachos.

Often seen wearing designer clothes, the NSG is often male. They talk street, smoke pot, and pretend that they are the toughest thing around. Often found hiding from real fights or blasting rap music from a dorm window in hopes to attract a mate.

Normally found in one of the back rows but not the very back as he is trying to blend in. Doesn’t say much in class, only being social when he has to or with people he knows outside of class. Won’t disrupt class but if called on will answer correctly. Pays attention, but doesn’t always do work, or work hard. Shows up to class 80% of the time, but does 40% of the outside work/study time. Graduates in 5-6 years with a 3.0 but only because of intelligence and test scores, not effort (as shown in number of years taken to graduate).

See more at AskStudent.

Bordeaux VII - "Don't Mess This Up."

Photo by Modern Notoriety

Back in the day, and I mean 10 or so years ago when the first waves of Retros came out, people lined up for hours for a release. If you lived in NY or the Bay Area, you may have camped out for a day or two. Why? Because Retros were the shit. They were high quality and made to the exact specifications of the originals. This is why 2001 XIs, 1999 IVs, 2000 Vs and 2001 IIIs etc. are worth so much today.

Any collector, baller, or sneakerhead in general knows that Retros aren't what they used to be. To JB, it's been about cutting corners, producing for the masses and generating revenue.  People, including myself, weren't too happy with the direction Jordan Brand was going - an abundance of wack Retros in ridiculous "LS" colorways, limited releases, poor quality material and the demise of the brand: Fusions and hybrids.

During these past couple years, though, the brand stepped up a little bit for us - Space Jam 11s, True Blue IIIs, "OG" IXs, "OG" IIs, Metallic Is, Infrared VIs - Although there were noticable changes to these Retros, they were still great releases everyone wanted and were miles better than any Fusion or LS/Laser/all-patent/insert-wackass-colorway-here type Retros.

Now JB promises a wave of untouched/unmodified gems that we've all been waiting for (Flint XIII, Cement IIIs, black Vs, Cool Grey 11s), leaving us a glimmer of hope that one day, Jordan will be back on track to where they used to be. One pair that I've been wanting to get my hands on since way back when, and a release that's been in the rumor mill for a long time, is the Air Jordan VII "Bordeaux". It may not seem like a big deal, but they haven't hit the shelves since '92, and it's finally confirmed for a 2011 Retro release. As per the pictures, it seems untouched and super-fresh! Let's hope it stays that way.

For more pictures and release info, check here.

Sling Shot FAIL; Watermelon WIN

I've never laughed so hard in long while.
I can't stop watching this video.
I am SO recording the season premier of Amazing Race.


J2: Part 1.5 - Becoming Unleaded (The Detour)

Like gasoline.

Before we take a trip to Part II - How to avoid it and how to get out, we need to take a detour.

It's not fun at all being led on by someone so long and then having he or she scrap you like yesterdays paper at some point. It's something no guy should experience. It's important to recognize this before it's too late. Much like the "Friend Zone", you have to be able to spot it early and spare the humiliation that would inevitably take place afterwards. Not everyone is like this, but I guarantee you, a lot of you out there have experienced this emotional beating and for the ones who haven't, you can learn to avoid it now. 

Unlike the "Friend Zone", you're not dealing with a long time friend. You're dealing with, in most cases, a cold, heartless bitch who pulls the rug right out from under unsuspecting prospects. Which is something you really want to avoid. It's also more difficult to decipher whether or not this person is leading you on, it takes careful analysis and observation before you even come to a conclusion. Again, I'm very calculated. I believe people react the way they do and act the way they do because their minds conform to standard biochemical behavior and social paradigms. It's human nature. 

So why do some women do this? 3 things. I'm not knocking on women in general, but if this offends you, you're probably one of these women. Read. Learn this lesson. Take something from it.

When she leads you on, she's in complete control the entire time. She controls the direction, duration and complexity of the scenario and can choose to take it to another level or end it whenever and however she pleases. This is because you're so infatuated with her, you'd probably do whatever she wants and cater to her needs whenever she rings the proverbial bell. At which point, you should castrate yourself and hand your balls over to the authorities because you have no use for them. 

Some girls do this for attention. When she's leading you on, she does it to get your attention. Why? Because you're an idiot and you'll give it to her. This tactic is also a ploy to have her way with you and have fun stomping on your nut sack. This also gives her a little ego boost and it makes her feel good. Of course, as always, at the expense of your feelings. 

If you're a tool and caters to her 24/7, you'll buy her shit. She'll realize this and will most likely milk you for all you're worth. Some guys will try and score a girls affection by taking her out on fancy dates and/or buying her stuff. This won't impress her one bit, but will only become your demise when you find out she's only in it for the free swag. This is a Silver Rule that is being broken by guys out there on a regular basis without even realizing - Never buy a girl anything unless she is your girlfriend or at the very least, hitting it. The Golden Rule? Never tell a girl how you feel. If you think a girl wants the sensitive, feminine type, you watch too much TV. This should be done once you actually have the girl. But that's for another day I suppose.

So, now that I've given you the reasons, how can you tell if she's leading you on?

Does she ignore your PINs? IMs? E-mails? Texts? Phone Calls? If so, it could be a possibility of her just leading you on. There is a chance she is too busy for you, but if she was interested in you, she'd be more responsive when you contact her and would be more prompt on returning your calls, texts or whatever. 

If you put her on a pedestal, you're asking for it. Why? Because now, she knows she can own you. She'll soon develop this sense of entitlement to get whatever she wants and will probably treat you like her bitch. Because essentially, at this point, that is what you are. If you start changing the way you do things based on what she likes, buy things for her or say 'yes' to every one of her requests, you might as well take her last name in an off chance you get married to her. 

Some girls are flirtatious by nature, which makes it difficult to find out if she really is leading you on on purpose or if she's doing it inadvertently. A lot of girls are naturally outgoing and may give you the wrong impression. So, I suggest you get a feel of what kind of person she is before going any further with your conclusion. If she flirts with everyone, it can make things very difficult for you to figure out. 

Sometimes becoming 'lead on' and falling into the Friend Zone come hand in hand. That's when it turns ugly. 
And that's why we took that little detour. 

So there it is, fellas and ladies. You saw it, you read it and now take from it and avoid it. 

She Knows


J2: Lazy Sunday

ATF, JFTB and I decided to hit up the park for practice. These are slightly bigger than normal. Enjoy. 


NikeTalk: WDYWT #3

2008 CDP Air Jordan V 
White/Black/Fire Red

J2: Hawaii from different angles

I love Hawaii for this very thing - scenery. 
It also helped me practice snapping shots on the go.
I liked how some of these turned out.