J2: Part 1.5 - Becoming Unleaded (The Detour)

Like gasoline.

Before we take a trip to Part II - How to avoid it and how to get out, we need to take a detour.

It's not fun at all being led on by someone so long and then having he or she scrap you like yesterdays paper at some point. It's something no guy should experience. It's important to recognize this before it's too late. Much like the "Friend Zone", you have to be able to spot it early and spare the humiliation that would inevitably take place afterwards. Not everyone is like this, but I guarantee you, a lot of you out there have experienced this emotional beating and for the ones who haven't, you can learn to avoid it now. 

Unlike the "Friend Zone", you're not dealing with a long time friend. You're dealing with, in most cases, a cold, heartless bitch who pulls the rug right out from under unsuspecting prospects. Which is something you really want to avoid. It's also more difficult to decipher whether or not this person is leading you on, it takes careful analysis and observation before you even come to a conclusion. Again, I'm very calculated. I believe people react the way they do and act the way they do because their minds conform to standard biochemical behavior and social paradigms. It's human nature. 

So why do some women do this? 3 things. I'm not knocking on women in general, but if this offends you, you're probably one of these women. Read. Learn this lesson. Take something from it.

When she leads you on, she's in complete control the entire time. She controls the direction, duration and complexity of the scenario and can choose to take it to another level or end it whenever and however she pleases. This is because you're so infatuated with her, you'd probably do whatever she wants and cater to her needs whenever she rings the proverbial bell. At which point, you should castrate yourself and hand your balls over to the authorities because you have no use for them. 

Some girls do this for attention. When she's leading you on, she does it to get your attention. Why? Because you're an idiot and you'll give it to her. This tactic is also a ploy to have her way with you and have fun stomping on your nut sack. This also gives her a little ego boost and it makes her feel good. Of course, as always, at the expense of your feelings. 

If you're a tool and caters to her 24/7, you'll buy her shit. She'll realize this and will most likely milk you for all you're worth. Some guys will try and score a girls affection by taking her out on fancy dates and/or buying her stuff. This won't impress her one bit, but will only become your demise when you find out she's only in it for the free swag. This is a Silver Rule that is being broken by guys out there on a regular basis without even realizing - Never buy a girl anything unless she is your girlfriend or at the very least, hitting it. The Golden Rule? Never tell a girl how you feel. If you think a girl wants the sensitive, feminine type, you watch too much TV. This should be done once you actually have the girl. But that's for another day I suppose.

So, now that I've given you the reasons, how can you tell if she's leading you on?

Does she ignore your PINs? IMs? E-mails? Texts? Phone Calls? If so, it could be a possibility of her just leading you on. There is a chance she is too busy for you, but if she was interested in you, she'd be more responsive when you contact her and would be more prompt on returning your calls, texts or whatever. 

If you put her on a pedestal, you're asking for it. Why? Because now, she knows she can own you. She'll soon develop this sense of entitlement to get whatever she wants and will probably treat you like her bitch. Because essentially, at this point, that is what you are. If you start changing the way you do things based on what she likes, buy things for her or say 'yes' to every one of her requests, you might as well take her last name in an off chance you get married to her. 

Some girls are flirtatious by nature, which makes it difficult to find out if she really is leading you on on purpose or if she's doing it inadvertently. A lot of girls are naturally outgoing and may give you the wrong impression. So, I suggest you get a feel of what kind of person she is before going any further with your conclusion. If she flirts with everyone, it can make things very difficult for you to figure out. 

Sometimes becoming 'lead on' and falling into the Friend Zone come hand in hand. That's when it turns ugly. 
And that's why we took that little detour. 

So there it is, fellas and ladies. You saw it, you read it and now take from it and avoid it. 

She Knows


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