Naruto: Gai is an idiot! *SPOILER ALERT*

So, I forgot to mention, above all else I have posted on this blog so far, including stuff from my previous blogs, I've never once posted about something else I am semi-obsessed about, and that is Naruto. Yes, Naruto. Alot of you already know how nerdy I am, this is just more proof, hahaha. But in my defense, it is a GREAT anime that alot of people I know enjoy and follow, with extensive character developements, deep sub-plots and a chain of complex story lines that make it one of the greatest animes to watch and manga to read.

This week showcases the final battle between Maito Gai, a Jounin (high level ninja - keep this in mind), and Hoshigaki Kisame. I had to post something about this ridiculous turn of events that made me wonder - are the writers losing it? Or did they make Gai look like an idiot on purpose?
Check it (Pages 14 and 15 of Chapter 508):

Normally, I have no comment on how ridiculous the story gets, how events pan out or how insane the characters develop - like Danzo with 10 Sharingan eyes on his forearm...really?! - But why would Gai, a JOUNIN, open an enemy scroll?! Rookie mistake.

Apparently Gai has never passed the Chuunin (mid-level ninja) exams. If you recall part 2 of the exam, the survival test in the Forest of Death, Genins (rookie ninjas/ninja academy graduates) that participated in hopes of becoming Chuunin, were to reach the watch tower at the center of the forest collecting both Earth and Heaven scrolls by killing/disabling other ninjas that hold a scroll. But as per instruction and protocol, a ninja must not open an enemy or classified scroll as it may contain secret information or a potential trap. Those who opened it failed and were punished. So, that being said, what was Gai thinking? And what were the rest of them thinking letting him open it?!


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