J2: Sophia Jordyn

If you've read as far back as July, I made a post announcing the birth of my niece Sophia Jordyn (Yessir, she's got my name! Sorta.), but I've never posted pictures. I don't know why I didn't, she is so cute. Sometimes children can be quite a handful, sometimes annoying, sometimes makes me happy that I'm not a parent. But looking at Sophia and her parents, (and noting, in my head, the fact that her father can be classified as clinically insane and socially awkward hahaha) and the drastic changes they've instilled into their lives over these years, makes me realize it wouldn't be so bad to have two or three of these little things one day. And no, it wouldn't be a "One to rock, one to stock" type scenario.

Sophia & her mother
Sophia & JFTB
DS Air Jordan VI - Yeah, she's starting early.


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