J2: Pick-Ups vol "3 pieces of iD, please."

Got 3 pairs of Nike iDs ordered from the US recently.
After 4-5 weeks, they finally came to my door last night.
Again, thanks Wei for the order and for shipping to my house!

J2: Slacker

I've been late for work every day this week. I haven't been keeping this blog up to date. I haven't been watching TV and I barely get through writing entries for Sneakerfiles. I also skipped overtime a couple times and I had planned to hit the driving range this week and I completely put those plans down the shitter. All because my cousin introduced me to this piece of shit time waster:

J2: Technology Oversight

One of my sisters kept reciting this for no apparent reason one day - Genie, Jafar, Aladdin, Abu. That's a stage code for Super NES's Aladdin. Seeing as it was a lazy Sunday afternoon, we wanted to get into some retro-gaming. I begin digging through a bunch of boxes until I found my old Super Nintendo console, which I pulled out, along with games and cords. I installed the system into my entertainment unit and plugged everything in, luckily, technology isn't so far advanced that I couldn't still plug in RCA cables.

J2: "Oh he/she was in that movie?!"

Have you ever seen a movie or TV show when you were young and then re-watch it YEARS later into your adulthood and leatn that some of the cast are actors/actresses whom you didn't know starred in it in the first place? Or when you're watching something current on TV and a person watching with you goes "Hey, did you know he/she played whoever on some TV show?"

I find either of those happening many times when I put on a throwback film or watch a TV show that stars someone familiar. It makes me go "Oh shit, he/she was in that movie?!". It was kind of interesting, so I thought I'd share some with you. Some are more obvious than others, but at the time, I had no idea. Haha.

NikeTalk: WDYWT? vol Weekly Recap II

Congrats Boston! Stay Classy Vancouver...

Source: The Score

I wasn't a huge fan of this year's NHL Playoffs, partly because I didn't have a team to cheer for. But I do have a team that I loath and hope would lose and they did. That being said - Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for winning the Stanley Cup and big ups to Tim Thomas for winning the Conn Smythe Trophy with a SHUT OUT in a must-win game 7.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, this is happening...

Nike Air Max 90 "Stash" - by Dank Customs

I'm always a very happy to see custom sneaker work that turned out great. There are artists out there who execute their concepts, color blocking, painting and overall attention to quality and detail into a custom sneaker very well, and jwdanklefs of NT is one of them.

J2: When Old Meets New

I love it when modern twists are brought upon classic things. I actually really dig the look of the new Dodge Challenger. I like the throwback blue/green on the Vancouver Canucks jerseys. And I like classic movies from the early 90s and 80s brought back in high definition in Blu-Ray.

What I love even more is modern technology on classic sneakers. When it's done right, of course. No one messes with a classic, it often turns out bad in the end, in my opinion. That's because, for me, I appreciate what they are and it's sentimental value for staying true to the original. But this was done RIGHT!

Congrats to Dallas, TX

Photo Credit: bigsupa @ NT


Here are some randoms that I haven't posted before. Just some images that I really didn't fit anywhere in any of my other posts. Sometimes if I'm bored, I'll pull the camera out and take random snaps of stuff. I only have 2 lenses to play with, my 50mm prime and a cheaper 18-105mm. I do what I can with what I know. Which isn't alot, but I enjoy it. One.

NikeTalk: WDYWT? vol Weekly Recap

The Finals: One more game

One more, fellas.

Dirk deserves the ring. He's worked hard all his career. Never sold out, never one of those players people really hated. His drive to win, his attitude in the game and his skill-set as a whole during the entire playoffs are unparalleled. Combine that with the contrasting sense of humility and soft-spoken persona, you have yourself one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Disagree? I dunno, I could Wiki some stats, but why? He was the best overall player in the Western Conference this post-season. And this is still with Kobe and Durant on their respective teams. It would also be nice for Dallas' veteran players to finally get one as well. More after the jump.

J2: Pick-Ups vol "Impulses & Denims"

Got these in the mail today. 

Nike Air Force One Premium "Denim"
(Dark Obsidian/Bronze)

I got a second pair of these 'cause the price was too good to pass up. 
Thanks Wei (Team AM Fam) for these!
2007 Nike Foamposite One Retro "Penny"
(Dark Neon Royal/Black)


J2: Work Rant vol. KNOW YOUR SHIT, N00B!

Being a young lead designer has it's pros and cons. One of the best things about it is the fact that I have opportunities to advance much quicker than some junior and intermediate designers. I also gain more personal and professional experience in things like - project management, delegation, employee/client relations and communication.

My professional goal is to sit in a big ass chair in an office with a window and a plant - if you don't work in an office, these 2 items are somewhat symbols of high status, believe it or not. But for now, it will get worse before it gets better. I honestly didn't know how I landed in such a position with only 4 years of experience. Upper management must have more faith in me than I do. But now, I think I have an idea why.

Unlaced: Episode 9 - Monday, May 30, 2011

What's good? Unlaced: Episode 9 is up! I've been pretty busy, so I haven't gotten a chance to embed our episode on the blog. So, click the image above for a preview of this weeks' topics and to listen to the episode.

This podcast contains language some listeners might find offensive. Discretion is advised.