J2: Technology Oversight

One of my sisters kept reciting this for no apparent reason one day - Genie, Jafar, Aladdin, Abu. That's a stage code for Super NES's Aladdin. Seeing as it was a lazy Sunday afternoon, we wanted to get into some retro-gaming. I begin digging through a bunch of boxes until I found my old Super Nintendo console, which I pulled out, along with games and cords. I installed the system into my entertainment unit and plugged everything in, luckily, technology isn't so far advanced that I couldn't still plug in RCA cables.

During the past years, technology in the gaming industry has reached new heights with stuff like the Wii, XBox Kinect, the 3DS or even wireless controllers, Wi-Fi networking and online gaming. And because of such, that is what caused my little oversight. 

...I still have to plug these fuckers in. I can't reach my couch. 

I hate playing standing up, only 4 feet away from a 60" TV. BTW, 16-bit gaming in HD looks absolutely shitty. But the simplistic, pixelated gaming design of Super Mario Brothers is a nice break from the 3D worlds of modern gaming. 


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