J2: Pick-Ups vol "3 pieces of iD, please."

Got 3 pairs of Nike iDs ordered from the US recently.
After 4-5 weeks, they finally came to my door last night.
Again, thanks Wei for the order and for shipping to my house!

These iDs were basically designed by me, inspired by other kicks. 
So none of these colorways are completely original,
but looks kinda cool. Enjoy.

Air Max 90 iD "J2 South"
(Chlorine Blue/Pink Spark-Black)
inspired by 

Air Max 90 iD "Foot Patrol"
(Black/Chlorine Blue-White-VarsityMaize)
inspired by

 Air Max 90 iD "Robot Steez"
(Black/Bronze-Pink Spark)
inspired by

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