Marvel Comics x NBA "Superheros"

I've been posting alot of useless bullshit lately. Forgive me. Right now I'm not at all motivated to write something worthwhile or take new pictures. But in due time I guess. I'm a little late on this topic, but for now I've decided to post some of these for the sake of updating this blog. ESPN and Marvel Comics have collaborated this year to create unique Marvel Comic variant covers based on the Marvel Universe and the NBA Player Association. I found these to be pretty cool. Enjoy.


J2: "Goodbye"

Us grandkids called him 'Yoyo'. 
It started with me as a toddler learning to speak, 
I couldn't quite get the words "Lolo" right.
By the time I knew how to say it, it just stuck.

And I will always remember him as Yoyo.

I love you.
Thank you for everything.
Rest easy.


J2: Throwback Thursday vol. "Late"

Sorry for delay. I've been quite preoccupied lately. But last week, we took a look at a quick history of the Air Jordan XI and how it became one of the most sought after sneakers of all time. This week pays tribute to some of the best shoes he's worn during the All-Star break. Some of the shoes he's worn are my personal favorites and are considered Holy Grails to some Jordan Heads out there. Here are a few of them, along with other heat worn on the court.

His 3rd All-Star game wearing black/cement Air Jordan IIIs.
Probably one of the most popular shoes ever.
Everyone loves elephant print and the "Nike Air" on the heel tab. 

The year he clinched his first title.
Here against Magic, rocking black/metallic silver Air Jordan Vs.
Another favorite of mine with the "Nike Air" on the heel. 

The year of "the shrug" in the finals against
one of the best guards of that era, Clyde Drexler (shown here).
Here, rocking Bordeaux VIIs. A sneaker that has yet to
be retroed. *Waiting for 2011*

Columbia XIs. First full year out of retirement.
Also in the background, Reebok Shaqnosis.

One of the favorite shoes cosmetically and for wear, 
the Air Jordan XII "Playoff". Also in the picture:
Nike Air Pippen worn by Scottie Pippen.
Nike Air Penny II worn by Penny Hardaway.
And whatever Nike's Christian Laettner is wearing. Haha.

Another shoe that is to be retroed for the first time ever in 2011:
Air Jordan XIII "Playoff". Also in the background:
Young Kobe in Adidas Crazy 8's and
Vin Baker in Jumpman Pro Strong PE

The infamous "missed dunk". Air Jordan finally succumbs to age
(and gravity) by missing a wide open dunk in front of the very 
players he shut down during his reign with the Bulls. 
Oh well, he dropped 51 points at this age about a month earlier.
Here, wearing Lightning XVII lows.


SNL: Denzel works at Macy's

From SNL this past weekend. Hilarious.

On point. Hahaha.
EDIT: How did I miss this video?! HAHAHAHA. 50 Cent and Will Smith had me rolling.

Throwback Thursday: "The Air Jordan XI Incident"

MJ (in test pair Concord XIs) over Penny Hardaway and former teammate Horace Grant

The Air Jordan XI may be one of the most controversial and iconic sneakers ever to be released in history. I don't think anyone can argue with that.

Tinker Hatfield took on the task of removing all stops and designing, yet another revolutionary Air Jordan shoe that, this time celebrated his full comeback. The design itself consisted of materials never before seen on a basketball court - patent leather. It was paired with a mesh upper, then dropped on a phylon midsole on top of a clear outsole and herringbone traction. A full length air unit and carbon spring plate were added for cushioning and stability, and finally, the Air Jordan XI was issued for construction of a test pair.

MJ became the unofficial test pilot for it's preliminary wearings when specifically told not to wear them, but who can resist really? Going from Shadow X's to Concord XI's? Why the hell not?! But like the "black-toe" and "bred" 1s, issues have begun to arrise regarding the colorways of the sneaker and the leagues uniform policy.

Not only did the Air Jordan XI NOT use any red, the uppers were white and black using, the now-famous dark concord as accents. Uniform policy for the Bulls required the team to wear primarily black shoes. The league warned MJ for not complying to the rules and was forced to go on to the rest second round of the '95 finals in something else.

To prevent any further trouble by the league, MJ, much to everyone's surprise, busted out Pennys for one game of the playoffs. Yep, Pennys. Before Penny became the sole ambassador for the Foamposite, he wore a number of Nike's kicks, one them being the Air Flight One. Rumor has it that, Hardaway lent MJ a pair from his personal stash to use for the game. MJ, now wearing "23" from "45", cut Penny's "1" heel tab off of the pair before the start of the game.

MJ rocking Penny's Air Flight One

For the rest of the series, up until the the loss to the Magic (whome became an EC power house after MJ's retirement with Shaq and Penny running the floor), MJ rocked the Air Jordan XI in black/white. Only a handful of pairs were made for the playoffs and for the Space Jam movie, which was filmed and released a year later.

MJ (wearing black/white Jordan XI's) on Penny Hardaway (wearing his Air Flight One)

In 1995-1996, Michael Jordan returned, clinching his 4th ring with a 72-10 record with the Bulls. 3 Jordan XI mids and 2 IE lows were released at a retail price of $125. In those 3 mids, included the original White/Black- Dark Concord colorway.

MJ (wearing "bred" Jordan XIs) on "The Glove" (pre-Zoom Hawk Flight)

MJ in All-Star Air Jordan XIs aka "Columbias"

Because of the hype and controversy of the Air Jordan XI, they were retroed in 2000/2001 (along with Cool Greys and a line of lows) with the same retail tag of $125.

F to B: DMP, '01 Concord, '01 Concord, '01 Jams, '01 Jams, '09 Jams, '09 Jams, '01 Bred, CDP Bred, '01 Columbia, 25th Anniversary

A shot of the personal stash to pay tribute to my favorite shoe of all time.


J2: Funniest Celebrity Roast Lines Ever ( my opinion)

I LOVE celebrity roasts. It's always hilarious watching celebrities verbally bash the fuck out of each other on national TV. Comedians, along side with classically trained actors, actresses and celebrity guests throw all morals out of the window to say shit to each other that none of them would ever say in real life. I love it. It's possibly the greatest thing ever created for television, and is grossly underrated. This entry pays tribute to all roasters, one of them being the late Greg Giraldo. I don't think roasts will ever be the same again. In light of that, I've compiled a list of all the one-liners and jokes that I thought were the greatest jokes in roast history (in no specific order):

Greg Giraldo (to Gilbert Gotfried):
"Who would fuck you?! You have the sex appeal of a school bus fire."

Jeff Ross (to Flavor Flav on being black and skinny):
"Starving children send YOU 50 cents a day."

Kat Williams (on Carrot Top):
"...if Ronald McDonald fucked Wendy's..."

Greg Giraldo (to Ice-T):
"Ice-T, you fucking fossil. Holy shit, you're so old, the first thing you bought with your record deal money was your freedom."

Seth MacFarlane (to Hulk Hogan):
"Hulk, your daughter, Brooke Hogan, has blossomed into a very, VERY beautiful young man."
*crowd laughs*
"...Hulk, later on, when these jokes are explained to you, you're gonna be so pissed."

Greg Giraldo (to Carrot Top):
"Jesus, what happened to your face? You look retarded, how'd that happen? How did you find a sergeon that could add a chromosome?"

Jeff Ross (on Flavor Flav):
"This roast is impossible, how do you embarrass a crackhead who wears a Viking helmet? How do you roast charcoal?"

Greg Giraldo (on Joan Rivers):
"What have you done to your upper lip, did you blow a bee hive? Holy look like Stephen Tyler fucked a life raft."

Whitney Cummings (to Lisa Lampanelli):
"Your vagina is like a bad movie - it's opened wide and all the Wayans brothers have been in it."

Jimmy Kimmel (to Flavor Flav):
"Flav, I don't know how old you are but you don't look good. When I first saw you sitting up there, I thought it was an open casket memorial for James Brown."

Jeff Ross (to Seth MacFarlane):
"South Park called...they want their everything back."

Jeff Ross:
"Most comics dream of performing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bob Saget dreams of performing in Hanna Montana."

Greg Giraldo (to Seth MacFarlane):
"I do love that Stewie character on your show. He's great. You made all your money 'cause you created a fucked up criminal baby. You're like Michael Lohan."

Jeff Ross (to Joan Rivers):
"Nip/Tuck...What the fuck? This isn't a roast, it's an autopsy."

Greg Giraldo (to Flavor Flav):
"I love the crown, you look like King Lear trapped in a forest fire....You are one BLACK motherfucker. You're like a skeleton wrapped in electrical tape."

Whitney Cummings (to Pam Anderson):
"Pam, you slept with Bret Michaels, Tommy Lee, and Kid Rock. Why don't you save yourself some time and drink a vat of Magic Johnson's blood."

Lisa Lampanelli (to David Hasselhoff):
"David, I'm not saying you're an alcoholic, but your liver is so black and bloated it could have starred in 'Precious'."

Greg Giraldo (to David Hasselhoff):
"Hasselhoff you drunk fuck, your liver so shriveled, black and dead if you put your ear to your side, you would hear it say 'Whachoo talkin' 'bout Willis!?'"

Jeff Ross (to Courtney Love):
"How is it possible that Courtney Love looks worse than Kurt Cobain?"

Lisa Lampanelli (to Betty White):
"Betty White is so old, that on her first game show ever, the prize was fire."

Bob Saget:
"Fuck you all and suck my hundred million dollar cock."

Greg Giraldo:
"Norm MacDonald is here - one of the funniest people ever. Norm's got a giant gambling problem. He's dropped more coin in a casino than Michael J Fox at a parking meter."

John Stamos (on hosting America's Funniest Home Videos):
"[Bob Saget's] entire job consisted of saying "take a look at this." Which is what he used to say to Mary-Kate Olsen in her dressing room."

Jeff Ross (to Bob Saget):
"'Full House' should've been called 'Blackjack' 'cause you hit on the Olsens when they were eight, you didn't stop 'til they were 21."

Greg Giraldo (to Hulk Hogan):
"I can't imagine why your wife left're an old man who dresses like a Hooters waitress."

Patton Oswald (on Flavor Flav's Reality Show):
*sigh* "The Flavor of Love...I didn't know syphilis had a flavor."

Gilbert Gotfried:
"Seth MacFarlane, come on everyone, take it easy on Seth, it's gotta be hard for him to do a roast, especially if the Simpsons haven't done it yet."

Greg Giraldo:
"Lisa Lampanelli is here. Good to see you Lisa, I've never seen a circus bear in a pantsuit before....You are one...fat have more chins than a Chinese....fat chick with tons 'o chins."

Whitney Cummings (on Joan Rivers):
"Joan Rivers vagina is so old, there's a separate entrance for black cocks."

Greg Giraldo (to Snoop Dogg):
"Snoop, you're full of toxins, you've killed people and you've been banned from every country on the're like Chinese toothpaste."

J2: Sunday Night Lights

Checked out the new wing they opened at Chinook. More for the designer clothing heads than anything else. Chinook and the south side is now equipped with Coach, BCBG, True Religion, Forever XXI, Burberry and the like. Not like it matters to me, but for the individuals who are into that stuff, it's worth checking out. They also opened the Apple Store. I'll wait a bit before I succumb to the need of having the iPhone4. I didn't buy anything, but I did run into these at Discovery Hut and took 'em home.

We got hungry so we decided to feast on my off-day and watch the NFL Sunday Ticket at my house. 

Yessir, we downed that. I'm recovering as we speak. I hate myself.


J2: Last Resort

The Marriot in Kauai. 
Beach side with pool and bar. 
Awesome scenery. 
Resort side golf club.

....oh and free Wi-Fi, haha.