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The Wrestler

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When I was a kid, I looked up to alot of people on TV. I used to watch WWF alot. I used to buy the magazines, posters, tickets for events, toys and of course, catch them on Monday nights and PPVs. Other than Bret Hart, I had very few childhood wrestling heroes. One of those few, was Razor Ramon. The first 'bad guy' or 'heel' (wrestling term for villain) that I liked in wrestling. Obviously, wrestling back in the day wasn't like what it is today. Wrestling, in my opinion, was so much better and Scott Hall was partly the reason why.

The Avengers Trailer

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been quite busy as of late. The ball is finally rolling at work, which means I get home later in the day, where I have to do my article posts for Sneaker Files, eat dinner and play hockey. And in the in-between time, I'd devoted a few hours a day to playing NBA 2K12. Haha.

Any who, I'm working on a post, which I will have ready pretty soon. In the mean time, enjoy the The Avengers movie trailer.