NikeTalk: WDYWT? vol "Weekly Recap"

Been a minute. 
For the last week. Some were from the
week before. Later.

J2: Bo Knows

I love a good old school Nike release. Retros in the finest, original and nostalgic colorways are always something I am looking for. Why? Because they are the gems that aren't so much sought after, like Air Jordans are. Nowadays you can find the J's you want by hitting up eBay, NikeTalk or simply waiting for them to Retro over and over again in lower and lower quality. It kinda loses it's appeal after awhile (Why would you retro the True Blue IIIs THREE times in 8 years?!), which is why I kinda stopped buying Jordans. Most after the jump...

J2: Trainspotting

Took a stroll down the industrial for a few snaps. 
I like the monochrome look on some of these.
I guess they turned out okay. Still working on it though.

NikeTalk: WDYWT? vol "Battle of the Jordan Lows"

This edition of WDYWT? comes from a portion of my small
line up of Air Jordan tow tops. Here's a few from the
collection I wore LAST week. Another late pass 
and my Jordan Lows are crappy, but oh well. Enjoi.

"No one can do it better"; I check chedder, like a food inspector...

So, I'm going to Vegas for my birthday this December. With the flashing lights, entertainment, noise and parties (oh and strippers), mixed in with friends and family, you couldn't ask for a better birthday.

NikeTalk: WDYWT? vol. Weekly Recap 6

Another installment of my weekly NikeTalk WDYWT?
This week really has no theme, it is pretty random. 
If anything, maybe all from the Air Max line up. 
Another late pass from last week. 

SneakerNews: Battle of the Customs - Nike Air Force 1

via Sneakernews

This week on the Sneakernews segment called Battle of the Customs, features the Nike Air Force 1. A collection of the recently designed customs using the 1982 classic as a base. I (J2), along with other hard working customizers, collectively put in hundreds of hours to bring our designs and ideas into reality.