J2: Bo Knows

I love a good old school Nike release. Retros in the finest, original and nostalgic colorways are always something I am looking for. Why? Because they are the gems that aren't so much sought after, like Air Jordans are. Nowadays you can find the J's you want by hitting up eBay, NikeTalk or simply waiting for them to Retro over and over again in lower and lower quality. It kinda loses it's appeal after awhile (Why would you retro the True Blue IIIs THREE times in 8 years?!), which is why I kinda stopped buying Jordans. Most after the jump...

But the gems I'm looking for are much harder to come by because they simply go unnoticed to the masses, that you just never see them. I've made a post like this before regarding the Nike Air Flight Huarache. I've gotten a couple e-mails about this in a size 11, 10.5 or a different colorway. But no such luck in a 9 in White/Purple-Black. I found another Retro worth waiting for. Maybe more so than this years Air Jordan XIs (because due to it's mainstream popularity, they'll be available locally and I can always get them on hold). I know for a fact that this particular pair won't see daylight in Calgary. 

Nike Air Trainer SC II 
$110 US

A must have for any sneaker head!


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