J2: Searching for love

Yes, J2 is searching for love. I said it. There. I have no idea why I haven't found it, nor why I don't have it yet. I haven't been looking, I guess neglected it for a little while. But in light of recent events, it occurred to me that "Damn, I need you...and I need you bad".

You've come and gone since the second grade. I haven't come to notice you until my adult years, and now in recent days, I've realized that I want you.  I don't know why I couldn't get you sooner, but if ANYONE out there has a pair of dead stock Nike Air Flight Huarache Retros (or OG; long shot lol) in a size 9, get at me. I need them. White/Royal-Varsity Purple, Hollar! 'Da fuck you think I was talkin' about?

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