J2: Asians in the library

So, like um, so I was like, watching this video, and like, I'm not offended, just because I'm Asian, like come on. I know what she totally means. Like...totally.

For real, B? Hahaha. 1. When you post a video, don't look like an idiot. 2. No one is going to take you seriously when you talk like you're 16 years old. Provided some Asians are noisy in the library, but EVERYONE does this from time to time. I cannot believe the level of ignorance in this video. Reach an epiphany? How did this hot bitch get to UCLA? While we're on racial stereotypes, I can also say that attractive blonde white girls are retards that don't belong in college, but that would be down right mean. Hahaha. I just love the fact that she tries to make a funny, witty and valid rant on YouTube and thinks people will tune in to hear what she has to say. Which worked, but if it weren't for her awesome rack pouring out of her shirt and me imagining my face in it, I probably wouldn't finish the video. I'm not really offended, nor am I angry at this video, because at the end of the day, I'd smash. :D

The responses, hahaha:


By the way, ching chong ling long ting tong!

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