J2: Who put out the flames?

Hahahaha drilled, son.

They may be third in the east, but you know what? They beat on lower seeded teams and then get spanked against the teams that actually matter and that WILL make it to the playoffs and do the same thing to them. Ring? I don't think so. Even with Bibby as an addition, (Rose, Rondo, Billups and even Fisher > Bibby) the Heat have lost 3 straight with all 3 Superfriends on the floor and have been slipping and on a verge of mental breakdowns. Boston and Chicago are undefeated when it comes to the Heat. 2 teams that will make Miami look like (as Charlie Sheen would put it) droopy-eyed armless children. And with New York on the rise - Yes, I said it - like Soled Out pointed, they've only been playing together for 6 games, yes, they lost to Cleveland, but the team is out-of-the-box-new and were able to beat the Heat with newly acquired Melo and Big Shot. Having said that, with the Knicks on the rise, the Heat have a tough road to Finals.

If my predictions are correct, this is the NBA Playoff tree that the Heat would have to go through to get to the Finals. As a 3rd seeded team, thanks to the Spurs publicly undressing the Heat on national TV, it goes like this:

Round 1: New York
Yes this team is practically new, playing only 6 games of regulation with Anthony and Billups. But they've won half of those games with leg room to improve as a team. Remember, it takes a bit of time to play together as a whole, but the Knicks, so far have done an outstanding job winning 3 of 6 right off the bat. With 6 weeks left in the regular season, they can only get better in that amount of time.

Round 2: Chicago
So you get passed NY, but Derek Rose is top pick for MVP next to Bron for a reason. Dude averages 25 a game, he can pass, he can make plays, he's young, he's got strength.With support from their bigs in Boozer and Noah, Wade and Bron have to get through these road blocks to get to the basket, which is what they do other than rack up points on transition. And with Deng on the corner jacking up shots, this is a championship contender.

Round 3: Boston
I don't need to say much. I hate Boston, but they are THE best team in the league. Experience, experience, experience. The Big 3, despite their age, have the experience and still have the talent to get to the finals, and with one ring on their belt and 2 finals appearances in the past 3, they can still achieve that with another one of the best point guards in the league in Rondo. In my opinion, I may be overselling Jeff Green, but with that little piece in addition to the Bostons bench, it just got deeper.

The NBA Finals

LA, San Antonio, or Dallas. And if I get my upset, OKC, but it's a long shot. You choose which team you wanna lose to, IF everyone above sprains a knee and you fly by the EC and make it here. I'll leave it at that. Why LA? Yeah ok, I'll take the L on the Christmas game, but at this rate, the Heat will lose to LA, ESPECIALLY in the playoffs. LA has all kinds of experience, D-Fish wakes up during this time...ALWAYS. A lot of people are saying Kobe isn't the clutch player people make him out to be, but Kobe (and the Lakers as a whole) is BETTER in critical game situations than any player on the Heat squad. Even 3-bricking, sore loser Le Bron. And if Pau works the paint, jacks up elbows and converts and Bynum is healthy, it's a win all the time.


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