Unlaced: Episode 1 - Friday, February 26, 2011

Good morning all!

The Unlaced Podcast is now up and running! It's not much yet, but as time goes on and hopefully, if we get more listeners, we can start upgrading a few things. For now, it's just me and Soled Out (www.twitter.com/soled_out) casually discussing the happenings within the NBA, game recaps and of course, sneakers.

Last week, we launched our first unofficial podcast entitled "Episode 1", in which we decided to re-up the podcast by officially kicking it off last night with another version, but decided to move on to Episode 2 instead. Having said that, our unofficial episode just became "official". This podcast is available for streaming below and is also available for download. Episode 1, as unprofessional as it is, casually discusses the NBA All-Star Weekend, the trade deadline and player movement, and a preliminary review of the Air Jordan 2011.

Unlaced - Episode 1
The podcast contains language some listeners might find offensive. Discretion is advised.

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