J2: March Madness kicks in

Well, it's that time of year. I've never followed the NCAA quite as closely (or at all, in fact) as this year. Reason being: There is money involved. Because a pot of cash is on the line, I've been watching games all day and all night hoping my picks go through to the second round. Here is MY bracket after round 1.

Greens are my correct picks.

Hmm so far I'm 3rd. I did TURRIBLE in the Southwest Division. But, most of my higher seed picks went through. Morehead St.'s win hurt my bracket in the Regional Semis so yeah, fuck you Louisville for losing. I was hoping  St. John, Nova, GTown and Michigan St. would take the wins, but noooo. The rest of the pics that I lost were wild pull-out-of-my-ass guesses. And some wins were total guess as well. So far, I'm 3 points behind first place. And hopefully later down the road, I can win that pot of $300. 


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