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Air Max 90 "Neon"

Photo credit: ATP

Unlaced: Episode 7 - Monday, April 24, 2011

What's good everyone?! Sorry, we've been on hiatus for the past couple weeks, but we're back with a special "Playoff" Edition of the Unlaced Podcast! This week we discuss Chi McBride, the NBA Playoffs, Soled Out's playoff pool, Manny Pacquiao, and more sneaker talk with another edition of "This or That?". Thanks for listening.

Unlaced - Episode 7
This podcast contains language some listeners might find offensive.
Discretion is advised.

J2: Pick-Ups vol. "All About Retros"

Good evening! Since my camera was out and fresh boxes were just laying in my room, I took a couple quick snaps of some of my most recent pick-ups. I've recently picked-up a wave of Retros this past month (not all at the same time) ranging in the early 90s. I seem to dwell so much in the 90s because the greatest things came from that particular era. And the sneakers were no different. I guess it was the breeding ground for the kinds of sneakers you see today. Here are a few pairs that most people seem to have forgotten until they came back for a second round.

92' Nike Air Tailwinds

Air Jordan VII "Bordeaux" (1992)

Nike Air Burst (1994)

Nike Air Penny (1996-97)

J2: HDR Imaging

I took a shot at HDR imaging the other day. I wish I chose a better day to do this, it was kinda gloomy out, but it was really more of an impulse session than anything. I'm not really good at it yet, but it was worth trying it out for the first time. There are definitely lots of room for improvements, but here's how a couple of them turned out:

Still working on it. I'll try it again soon. One.

J2: "New York State of Mind"

I miss this place. I've always wanted to go back. New York is one of THE places to be in the world. I personally LOVE the concrete jungle. And New York City is the epitome of just that. There is no other place in the world like Manhattan. Every block has at LEAST one landmark, one scene from a movie, one photo opp to take home with you. Everything.

Aside from being the sneaker capital of America, I love New York from it's very core- from the busy streets to the complex architecture and right down to the rudeness of the typical New Yorker. I wish I had been into photography back in 2008, when I went. I would have taken much better pictures. Or at least tried to. Here's a couple that weren't total crap. Hahaha.

I'll be back someday. One.

Unlaced: Episode 6 - Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's good? Well, we've been on break, but after a week and a half stretch, Unlaced is back with Episode 6. This week discusses April's releases, "This or That", "MY fave 5" and our new segment, "Quickstrike". Thanks again to those who have been listening! Again, they are free for download to your iPod. Hopefully, we'll get these up on iTunes sometime.

Unlaced - Episode 6


This podcast contains language some listeners might find offensive.
Discretion is advised.

J2 Customs: AF1 Teaser

CLASSIC! If you rewind to the era of the Air Force One, you can see that the shoe is timeless. Thousands of colorways in hundreds of different materials warrant the timeless steez and in 2011, the shoe is still going strong. I was finding a specific pair of trainers in storage when I came across an extra pair of classic all white Air Force 1s. I decided it was time for a new custom. I'm not done yet, but for this pair, I decided to do something a little challenging - elephant print. I've been practicing on a couple beater pairs and ended up with something like this.

Here's a teaser. Look out for these in the blog come Spring 2011. These might be for sale OR maybe they'll be on my feet, I haven't decided yet.

To pay homage to one of the greatest sneakers of all time, a classic track by some of hip-hops greatest - DJ Premier, Nas, Kanye West, Rakim and KRS One.


J2: Kijiji Idiots

So I was selling an item on Kijiji. For those who are unaware of what that is, it's a buy/sell/trade forum like Craigslist, which allows you to put up personal ads for buying and selling. So I have a set of headphones listed at about $420 which retails for significantly more than that, and is brand new. I love the headphones, but I had an unexpected bill to pay, so bye bye (Damn you, Canada Revenue Agency!)

I don't mind getting offers that are lower than my asking price. As long as it's reasonable, I will consider it. But there are some seriously retarded lowballers on the internet that are really hard to ignore.

e-mail from:
$300 ill take it

That's $120 off. Really? I ignored the e-mail. I figured, if he doesn't get a reply, he'll get the idea. Then I get this 2 days later.

e-mail from:
$300 ill take it

I ignored it again. Considering this was brand new with an asking price lower than retail, I consider this a major lowball. Then on the same day:

e-mail from:
still available?

e-mail from:
Yes, it's still available.

e-mail from:
what is the last price?

I don't know what that means, but I'm assuming he's asking how low I can go.

e-mail from:

e-mail from:
$300 ill take it

Are you shitting me, son? I ignore your previous two offers, give you my lowest price and you continue to throw the same bullshit price at me?

e-mail from:
Nope. These are basically brand new. 

The next day:

e-mail from:

For real!? You'll take $300 from where exactly? What an idiot. Assuming he meant to say that he'll take my headphones for $300, I basically told him to fuck off. I looked up this moron and found out he's a fellow Filipino. Go figure. We are cheap people. He is almost just as bad as my cousin who offered $5 for my HKS Intake. SMH.


Summer Movies 2011

The 2 movies I'm looking forward to this year.
I'm not sure how old these are, but I JUST saw them today.
I hope they don't disappoint.