J2: Pick-Ups vol. "All About Retros"

Good evening! Since my camera was out and fresh boxes were just laying in my room, I took a couple quick snaps of some of my most recent pick-ups. I've recently picked-up a wave of Retros this past month (not all at the same time) ranging in the early 90s. I seem to dwell so much in the 90s because the greatest things came from that particular era. And the sneakers were no different. I guess it was the breeding ground for the kinds of sneakers you see today. Here are a few pairs that most people seem to have forgotten until they came back for a second round.

92' Nike Air Tailwinds

Air Jordan VII "Bordeaux" (1992)

Nike Air Burst (1994)

Nike Air Penny (1996-97)

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  1. so much for quitting/slowing down

    The tailwinds are my fave