J2: Kicks on Court vol: NBA 2K11

Kicks on court can be seen all over the internet from NikeTalk to Sneaker Files, you can always find out what the players are wearing. Particularly one Gilbert Arenas, who wears everything from old to new and the latest Nike and Jordan Brand players.

This time, on my blog is Kicks on Court during my Season on NBA 2K11. 2K11 brought out something into the game that I enjoy in real life: and that is collecting Jordans. I'm not that deep into it yet, I try and find time to play.  But whenever I can, I try and unlock a pair per week. If anyone who hasn't played the game isn't familiar with it, the Jordan's can be unlocked by playing the game. The more you play, the more you unlock. Each sneaker ups a certain attribute of the player wearing them, which I think is interesting. You can also play with colorways, which personally, I think is awesome. 

Here are screen shots for the "Kicks on Court" for my Thunder team, hahaha:

Nenad Krstic
Air Jordan II Retro (white/red-white)
+2 Shot Low Post

Serge Ibaka
Air Jordan II Retro (white/red-white)
+2 Shot Low Post

Eric Maynor
Air Jordan XVII (white/college blue-black)
+2 Strength

James Harden
Air Jordan IX (white/black-true red)
+2 Hustle

Thabo Sefalosha
Jordan MELO M7 (white/university blue-yellow)
+3 Shot Medium

Marcus Camby
Jumpman Pro Strong (white/obsidian-red)
+2 Defensive Low Post

Jeff Green
Air Jordan X "Steel" (white/steel grey-black)
+4 Hands

I also acquired Grant Hill on a trade, I'll probably assign him a pair as well. In the mean time, there is my Thunder, all Jordan-heavy. 


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