J2: Sunday Night Lights

Checked out the new wing they opened at Chinook. More for the designer clothing heads than anything else. Chinook and the south side is now equipped with Coach, BCBG, True Religion, Forever XXI, Burberry and the like. Not like it matters to me, but for the individuals who are into that stuff, it's worth checking out. They also opened the Apple Store. I'll wait a bit before I succumb to the need of having the iPhone4. I didn't buy anything, but I did run into these at Discovery Hut and took 'em home.

We got hungry so we decided to feast on my off-day and watch the NFL Sunday Ticket at my house. 

Yessir, we downed that. I'm recovering as we speak. I hate myself.


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  1. haha yes lard lad...whos we? that doesn't actually seem that bad. Your meal with kiko n ronron from mcdonalds sounds like 10X worse