J2: JB news for you JB whores


Jordan Brand, during these past 3-5 years, has been slipping in the "heat" market. I made a post earlier about the upcoming and highly anticipated Bordeaux VII release for 2011 (Which, as of right now, is still confirmed to be a solid release for next year) and how Jordan Brand might be turning over a new leaf.

Although JB is STILL pumping out useless fusions and wack-ass colorways to please the 'Beasts, they're finally releasing the shit that us, OG guys, want - more solid Retros and more nostalgic colorways. JB is promising exactly that, as new information has been leaked concerning the 2011 stock from a very reputable source who leaked and confirmed the Infrared Pack and Olympic VIIs for 2010.

I know I said I'd retire, sell out and liquidate everything I have (which is why I opened this blog in the first place), but in light of all this new information, I really don't think that's going to happen for 2011. Let's be honest, if you're a JB whore like I am, would you sleep on the upcoming year? Before you answer, let's take a peak at what's in store for 2011:

- New Air Jordan boxes for 2011 (finally!!!)
- No more Silver (25th) Anniversary Retros. Sales were slow for 2009-2010.

- Air Jordan III (white/cement) - full size run - 1/22/11
- Air Jordan XIII "Playoff" (black/varsity red-white) - full size run - 2/26/11
- Air Jordan V "Bin 23" - Q2 2011 - quickstrike
- Air Jordan VII "Orion" - March 2011 - full size run
- Air Jordan VII "Bordeaux" - April 2011 - full size run
- Air Jordan VII "Cardinal" - June 2011 - full size run
- Air Jordan III "True Blue" - July 2011 - full size run
- Air Jordan V "Grape/Laney" pack - August 2011 - $310 Mens, $200 GS
- Air Jordan VI "Olympic" Q3 2011 (I'm assuming/hoping white/obsidian-red)
- Air Jordan IV (white/cement) Q3-Q4 2011
- Air Jordan X "Chicago" - Q3-Q4 2011

last but mos def not least:

- Air Jordan XI "Concord"/"Columbia" Q4 2011
(considered as a package but, with JB, anything can change from now until then)

Werd, I just jizzed my pants too.


source: thebeast23 (NikeTalk)


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