J2: Playoff blues

Hmm...so far I'm tied for the lead in my pool...but wow. Thanks Memphis...thanks for ruining everything. Not only did they beat the Spurs in 6, they took the first game in the Semi-Finals. The rest of my iffy picks for Round 2:

Lakers (4-3)
Thunder (4-2)

Bulls (4-2)
Celtics (4-3)

Chicago lost today. ATL shot over 50% holding back Rose in a poor first half. Joe Johnson beaste! Which, BTW, ATL fans, he's not going to go 34 points again, so don't hold your breath. Overall Chicago didn't play very well and ATL did, but only won by 8. And to add salt to the wound, Rose twists his ankle. My future champ hopes are slowly diminishing. BUT, only 8 points from a solid ATL performance and poor CHI defense? I think they can still take this.

Memphis, again. F*ck you. Randolph, I hope you sprain an ankle Hahaha. Spurs are out, thats bad enough. But to beat OKC. Wow. This is like the Flames unprecedented 2004 playoff run except...I'M NOT HAPPY. This could go 7 games. Or worse, the Grizz holding an upset.

Celtics....hmmm...well, they lost because of questionable calls IMO. Okay the Heat are playing alright, but not as good as the Celtics SHOULD be playing. As for Pierce's ejection? I hate Boston. I hate cry-baby, wheel chair rolling, fake-ass "greatest" Celtic Paul Piece, but he didn't deserve to get ejected from the game. Wade plowed through him and got in Paul's face. IMO, technical on DWade. But this was hilarious and clears it up a bit as to WHY he got ejected:

I told Wade I will **** his mom like how my man D. West did his mans. Thats why I got ejected.


So far, my picks for Round 2 are looking like upsets. But hopefully, this isn't a foreshadowing for things to come. By the way, if LA loses today or if Kobe's ankle gets worse (yeah, he sprained it too), it's officially a shitty series of Game 1s. Let's pray for at least ONE win tonight.


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