J2: All Aboard The Kobe Hype Train!

I've been trying to sell my Kobes for years now. And now that he's retired, all these "Die-Hard Kobe Bryant Fans" come out of the woodwork. Since his last game, I've received maybe 10 texts and a string of e-mails asking if I have Kobes for sale still. No harm in that for me, because now people want them and they will pay a pretty coin to get them.

"United We Rise" 2008 Hyperdunk

ASG Kobe 4 (I'll miss this pair)

Now I'm all for a good old fashioned re-selling (LOL), but wow. This goes to show you how bad the the 'culture' gets and how much people give into the fact that just because a guy hangs up his jersey, his shoes are suddenly worth copping when they never cared in the first place. Hypebeast 101. But who am I to complain?


Thank you again, Kobe.


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