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Minimalist Takara Box

If you're a fan of the 1980s G1 Transformers, you're probably the most amped up for Takara's release of the MP-27 Ironhide. Although a Nissan Vanette isn't exactly the best looking alt mode out of the bunch, the past 3 decades of Ironhide G1 and G1-esque toys left collectors and toy buffs something to be desired. Because until now, we've never really seen an accurate version of his G1 cartoon counterpart. More after the jump.

Until I actually saw pictures of Masterpiece Ironhide, I originally wasn't too excited for his release as I was really hoping for an MP-10 scale Megatron. A Megatron that was not only a proper size, but wasn't as flimsy and skinny as the original MP-05. Of course, there are third party versions for Megatron and Ironhide, but an official Hasbro or Takara product is always preferred. Not to mention the QC issues associated with some third party toy companies (whom of which will remain nameless).

Takara/Hasbro G1 Ironhide (1984)
G1 Cartoon Ironhide
MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide
Nissan Vanette (1978-1988)

Unlike the previous G1 models which were derived from Takara's Diaclone line, MP-27 Ironhide is an accurate depiction of what Ironhide is supposed to look like. The engineering and tooling for MP-27 was one of the best I'd ever seen from the Masterpiece series in a sense that everything was in perfect scale and very little kibble/loose parts. In robot mode, he is almost as tall as MP-10 Optimus Prime yet remains in perfect scale with the other cars in vehicle mode, which means he can still fit in Prime's trailer.

G1 Ironhide Robot Mode (1984)
A cartoon accurate and a more
aggressive Robot Mode

I loved the fact that you can tuck in and hide almost all the unnecessary parts in robot mode (like his wheels) reducing all the kibble except the fenders on his hip. IMO though, I think you kind of need the splash of red around his waist, so I didn't mind it at all. It also didn't get in the way of anything, so it was a non-issue for me.


Transforming him wasn't too hard (15 min. on the first try. I don't know if that's too long or not lol). It'll take a couple tries to transform him from memory, but once you get past the chest plate transformation, it should all click pretty easily from there without the use of instructions. Pose-ability is probably one of the best in the Masterpiece line. His arms and shoulders can move in just about any direction and his ankle hinges adjust perfectly in almost every way possible, making his stance very stable and flush to the surface.

What impressed me the most in addition to the engineering, was his array of accessories, which was oddly satisfying to me in a sense that I felt like I got my moneys worth with all the goodies it came with (I didn't get that same feeling with MP-11SW Skywarp, which was a little disappointing at a $220 price tag). We didn't get his original battle platform/gun post accessory this time, but I'll take a G1 toon-accurate Ironhide over that any day. What we did get however, was ALL his accessories. Some of which, paid homage to the 1986 movie, like his radar, jet pack and 'finger cannons'. And if that's not enough, he comes with another face plate and a platform to hold everything. Awesome touch on Takara's part to compensate for the lack of his gun post.

"Hail Hydra" - Finger Cannons
Transformers: The Movie (1986)

Overall, I am very happy with the way Takara did this one. The size in both vehicle and robot mode are impressively accurate. The engineering was excellent in both transform-ability and range of motion. His accessories were spot on and great additions to the MP. And the iconic cherry red finish on the Nissan licensed Vanette put it over the top to make this MP one of the best ones yet. Also, if you look closely, you can see his easter egg in Alt mode - The famous 'chair face' is present, paying homage to his 1984 G1 mold that most people grew up with seeing.

G1 Ironhide and Mobile Gun Post/Station (1984)
Gun Rack/Display Stand

After picking this guy up, I may pull the trigger on his Ratchet re-deco coming out very soon. I normally don't get into the re-decos, especially after purchasing the re-deco of MP-11 Starscream (MP-11SW Skywarp), who was not only expensive, but didn't come with anything. Not even a stand for Seeker mode. But because I really am happy with how Ironhide turned out, Ratchet is probably my next one on the list. Stay tuned for MP-28,

"I believe I can fly."


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