J2: Boracay

Tree Top View

Another stop during my venture into Asia was Boracay Island in the Philippines. An hour flight away from Manila. I'd never been there before and I really didn't know what to expect. Honestly, the place blew me away. I've never been to a place where you can enjoy the luxuries of 5 star hotels, hype from local night clubs, music from live bands and the scenery and relaxation of the white sand beach. All within mere sandy footsteps away from each other.

Imagine the Las Vegas Strip, in a much smaller scale on white sand. With one side of the strip all restaurants, spas, nightclubs, resorts, bars, and shopping. And the other side: more white sand and crystal clear water. The island itself is very commercialized and very welcoming. Tourists from all over the world pass by everyday to take in the sights and enjoy what Boracay has to offer. If the "strip" doesn't satisfy you, the island is full of things to do - zip lining, ATV riding, zorbing (ride down a mountain in a giant hamster ball) and an 18-hole golf course.

Le Soleil/Boracay Island Map

The lower part of the island houses the main tourist attraction, the White Beach or what I like to call "The Strip". Like I mentioned, everything you'd ever want in a vacation is there. And then some, all over the rest of the island. The place is split up into 3 boat stations which are all connected together along the white beach. If you plan on going, I suggest Station 2, the more centralized, the better. Above, as indicated, is where we all stayed, Le Soleil Hotel Resort.

Le Soleil in the evening

Throughout my entire trip, I've probably had one of the best times there. The place is awesome. Especially when it's being spent with loads of family. Imagine this -

You wake up at 9am to a wide view of the beach from your resort, put on your robe and head to the lobby for your complimentary breakfast buffet by the sand. Spend the afternoon swimming, relaxing on the beach, or maybe go island hopping.  Rest at the resort for a couple hours enjoying your 2-for-1 Vodka Crans by the pool, maybe take a nap while soaking up sun. Once the evening rolls around, you decide to walk along the beach during sunset, stopping every so often to check out the local shops and head to one of the many grills, huts and restaurants for dinner. The sun goes down and you make your way to one of the local bars on the beach to have a few drinks and check out the live bands. You get a good buzz on and hit up a night club until 3 or 4am, when you have to stagger your drunk ass to your hotel room 2 minutes away. You feel physically tired but not totally sleepy, so you call up room service to get a masseuse sent to your room to get a nice, comfy massage as you pass out around 5am. Rinse and repeat. 

I loved it there and I would definitely go back.

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