J2: "Home"-sick

I spent a month in the Philippines. I THOUGHT I was ready to go home. But upon pushing my cart piled with my luggage and saying my "bye" to my family both local and immediate, I realized I wasn't ready. That was the longest flight home for me. Knowing I left what had been my home for 4 weeks coming back to an empty house by myself in the blistering cold, left me utterly depressed and I felt the need to pick up and leave again. If only money wasn't an issue.

I rang in the New Year at home by getting off a 12 hour flight from Hong Kong, entering Canadian soil as I checked my phone: messages from banks, my office, the Canada Revenue Agency, Calgary BMW, all with important notices, duties, and reminders . And it hit me: Welcome to reality. Welcome to 2011. It kicked it when I finally got off my jet-lagged state and getting into my house with more letters and reminders with a shit load of bills to pay, things to sign, and phone calls to make. On top of all that, after my cold, long commute top my office, my coordinator/manager appointed me lead designer for a project at work. Yup, reality is definitely settling in.

The more reality sinks in, the more I think about what I considered "home" during the holiday season. I loved it there. It's hot as fuck, though. If it were up to me,  I would turn down the biological thermostat just a wee bit to make me feel even more at home. But hey, whatever. What I loved about that place are the people. My family. A blast to be around. Thanks everyone for the laughs, the talks, blowing up fireworks on NYE, 2 hour commutes JUST to go to the mall, the drinking games, the silly bets and deals, the partying, the drunken antics we barely remember the next day, and all in all, thanks for the all the memories. I will be back. Hopefully it won't take another 5 years. But I did promise to make it sooner. I just have to live up to it.



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