J2: The NBA is Back

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After a new collective bargaining agreement, the lock-out is finally being lifted! The NBA and the Players Association get ready for a 66-game 2011-2012 season. Thank God. I watched quite a bit of basketball last season, and because of the lock out, I'll be watching even more this season, albeit the short schedule. You really don't know what you have until it's gone.

First game is on Christmas Day. That'll be quite the season opener, which should make for a goooood Christmas. I guess most of us got what we wanted. I wished however, that the season started earlier since I'll be in Vegas in a couple weeks; it'd be nice to make a detour to LA or PHX to catch a game.

Also, as soon as I woke up and read the news, this began playing in my head immediately:

And in light of all that, I guess, I'm back too. It's been quite awhile since I've updated this thing. I've been quite busy with work. I haven't had too much time to spend on this blog this past month or so, but it's good to be back to continue writing and posting pics.

My pictures have run dry as well. I've been too lazy to go out and shoot, mostly because of the weather. But I'll try and get out there once in awhile and check back in here as well. If you've kept up this far and check back frequently, thank you for reading.

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