Gilbert Arenas: Greatest PLANKER Ever!

Gilbert Arenas & Dwight Howard

In light of G's stint with his controversial Twitter comments regarding his blind date (which was funny by the way), Arenas takes planking to a whole new level, again, which is quite hilarious.

First of all, what is planking? It's a 'game' formerly called "The Lying Down Game", which was made popular in various parts of the world that involves laying down flat on your face and stomach, mimicking a stiff, wooden plank. I'm not too sure when or where it came from, but it's spreading like wildfire all over the internet. Here are a few I found kinda funny:

Other than a few, planking seems kind of lame, unless it's executed well, like the ones above. And if it's pulled off with absolute perfection, it's HILARIOUS. Here are a few of Gilbert Arenas' planks, I guess I'll insert this now - "hahahahahaha". Check it out:

I guess NBA players have nothing to do during a potential extended lock-out. Hahaha. 

Jevale McGee

Dwight Howard
(like a BOSS on his two RR Phantoms)

Blake Griffin

Dwight Howard, again.

Nate Robinson

John Wall

And other people planking. 
Some of these aren't even funny, they are just well known people.

The Game

Gordon Ramsay

Ellen Page

Post a plank!

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