J2: Tee-Off

This weekend, we had the first ever Spartans Hockey Golf Tournament. 20 players, friends and guests were invited to play a relaxing and drunken 18-holes at Boulder Creek Golf Course in Langdon, AB. Not only was it an excellent turn-out, but we had a good time.

Team Bast Ball format is probably the best party format in golf, it gives beginners and veterans an equal chance at winning, and personally, I find it more relaxing. I also get drunk during these events and I can't fathom how our drunk ass team shot par (72). I also didn't bring a camera since I'd probably break it while intoxicated.

ATP was having troubles with his tee offs, so we gave him a special ball to help with that slice of his. Here's a video. Don't mind the obnoxious laugh, we were getting pretty wasted by the 4th hole and we thought it was HILARIOUS at the time.

Thanks to Arnold for organizing the event, thanks to those who donated cash and prizes, and a special thanks to all in attendance. See you next time.


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