Hi, my name is...

For my inaugural post on this blog, I'd just like to introduce myself - I'm Jordan. I don't like writing, nor am I good at it, but I just feel the need to document certain aspects of my life through little entries and anecdotes. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe for nostalgic purposes a few years from now. Kind of like looking at old family albums.

I also like rambling about random shit and interesting things I find in our ever so diverse and growing environment. I've done a number of blog entries in the past, from Calgary Planet to Friendster to Facebook. All are pretty much non-existant now, but I'll try and update this one often, which is the hardest and most daunting task at times, but I will try.

I'm also using this blog as my 'online store'. I've recently come to terms with the fact that one day I would have to part with something that I've been clinging onto for 10 or so years - my sneaker collection. It, as of right now I guess, is for sale. Check the 'Consignment' section of this blog for inventory and price updates. I'll also set up a Paypal account for online payments. I assure you everything J-PHKR sells is authentic. I have plenty of references to back it up.


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