J2: Becoming JordanEG6...again.

During these past couple months, people have been trying to convince me to build a new car. And lately, I've been itching to do so. Unfortunately, it won't be for awhile, I have a few other priorities I have to take care of. For one, I need to travel, and second, I need a house.

It was cool playing around with something nice and fast like BMW. Although I loved the torque it produces (something Honda does not provide lol), I miss the satisfaction of driving something I built. I miss driving my Hondas. I love Hondas.

So I have been considering heavily downgrading to something I can build from the ground up. But what? I'm hearing EK, another EG from others, maybe a DC2-R? The S2000 has also crossed my mind. I guess I hadn't really gotten rid of the car modding bug that took up so much of my time and money years ago. I guess we'll see. More on this later.

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