J2: "Back to Life, Back to Reality"

It's been a minute, but I'm back.

Vacations are never long enough. When they're over, you start browsing through your digital memories of pictures and videos, remembering that short lived essence of bliss and realizing how fast that all went by and wondering where all that time and energy went. Now I'm back. After 14 or so hours hopping on and off planes to get back into Calgary, I'm sitting at home by myself looking through these photos, wishing I was still holding that frosty, ice cold bottle of Corona by one of Kauai's best beaches in 35 degree weather not caring that I have work the following Monday morning. That being said, I'd like to share some of those pictures with you.

Day 1:
We arrived kinda late, so I didn't feel like having my camera out. But here's us chillin' and having drinks at Dukes beach side bar & grille in Waikiki Beach.

The patio at Duke's
Right beside that patio is Waikiki Beach
Waikiki area in the evening

Day 2:
Headed out to Pearl Harbor. It was my second time visiting the islands but I never had a chance to go up until that day. It was like a Social Studies field trip, learning about WWII all over again. It was a fun experience, though. I enjoyed the scenery and the history behind it, which inspired some nice photo opps for practice. I gave a couple pictures a vintage B&W look for a "1940s" point of view. 

Threw in a quick WDYWT?

Below:  Exact spot Japan surrendered and the end of WWII

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