J2: Release Day!!! + Random Shiet

"Launch Product" stickers are staples of all that's good.

Back when J's released on a weekday, I had no way of getting them upon release. Parents were at work, and I was in school. Being in grade school, it didn't matter, I couldn't drive myself to go get 'em anyway. But now, since J's release on a Saturday, I set a little reminder on my phone to wake up early and go to the store.

Today's release, which I find wasn't that big of a deal but a release nonetheless, is the IX Retro. Which by the way was released 4 times already in this OG colorway. So for those who slept on the previous three releases, pick 'em up.

I went a little over board and copped my 3rd and 4th in this colorway, and one for a buddy...and a pair of QF II Retros and my 5th pair of Infrared 90s, you can never have too many of those. Hahaha. 

And I LOVE SPCs. I saved $108 today! Hahaha. 

In light of my own current events, I broke out the Concord XIs and gave them a little attention. I love these. Patent leather, smooth upper, gum soles, and 'Grail status.

Can't wait to see my friend's GS Concords when they arrive. I haven't seen them in a 4Y yet. :P


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  1. ........Aren't you trying to sell all your shoes? wtf? How does this help that at all?? Sell a few, buy even more? yahhhh! Lool