J2: Hong Kong in a nutshell.

So, I'm currently on vacation in Hong Kong. For the first couple days I found it to extremely hot and humid. Probably because I just left Calgary where it's cold, dry and snowing. Hong Kong is actually so much better that I expected it to be. I was told it was like Manila, but with Chinese people. In a way it is, but there are quite a few things I know now about HK that I didn't before.

- Many people in Hong Kong are rich. The streets are littered with Benz's, BMW's, Porsche's and the occasional Bentley and Ferrari's. Other than that, it's a Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi or modded Honda or kitted van.
- The subway system in Hong Kong is huge and very useful. Beats taking the cab, although cab fare is inexpensive.
- There is a 7-Eleven in every corner. I see one more often than I see a Tim Horton's and Starbucks combined at home.
- Hong Kong is not cheap. In general, things are slightly cheaper than Calgary, but very comparable.
- Sneaker game is weak. But the stores are sick! I'll post a Hong Kong Shop Guide later and give you the heads up on the stores, shops and hidden boutiques we found around town by accident and on the hunt.
- Everyone has Salt, Rayban, Tom Ford or some other thick plastice, black, designer frames. Often rocked solely with style in mind and with the lenses punched out of them. (Glad I'm not the only one haha)
- Everyone looks the same. Either that, or, out of the 7M-ish people living here, I've seen the same person at least 6 or 7 times.
- Everyone has an iPhone.
- There is Wi-Fi everywhere. Technology consumes even the ghetto streets as I can almost always connect to the internet from anywhere there are buildings with 6 ot 7 networks to choose from. Although most are password protected, there are a few you can piggy back on for use.
- Regarding Wi-Fi availability, bring your iPhone or iPod. Using your device and the connectivity available, hooking up with Google Maps and GPS is miles better than bringing maps with you. Worked great when I was on my usual vacay sneaker hunt or tourist site search.
- Ocean Park is better than Disney Land HK. Weird but true. Haven't been yet but that's what I hear.
- Soccer is big in Hong Kong.
- Despite the thick population density, the streets aren't too packed with traffic. More people commute via subway more than anything else. It gets packed in the maller, ghetto-er (I dunno if that's even a word) parts of the city.
- It's CLEAN. No litter. In fact, you get fined for spitting on the street or in public areas. Polution also isn't a huge issue. The city is pristine.

Hong Kong has been pretty chill so far. Sorry I haven't been too prompt with the updates, but it's pretty rare that I get to sit down, have a few drinks at the bar downstairs, and hop on the internet and write. I'll post pics in a bit but they won't be watermarked. I'm going to bed.


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  1. Yay I'm glad your blogging while on vacation. I want to see pics!