J2: I Search Of...

Upon arrival, we realized we forgot one tiny device that would end up being one of the most important pieces of equipment to ever travel with-a universal wall socket adapter. Without this, I wouldn't be typing on this laptop in a bar downstairs in the lobby of our hotel; I wouldn't be able to charge my iPod, which proved to be useful during my time here; and I wouldn't be able to charge my camera and take pictures, which would make my day trips to tourist spots irrelevant and usless.

We spent a good 2 days looking for an electronics shop in Hong Kong that carries it. Not only is it difficult to find in general, but the language barrier regarding the issue was a huge hurdle to leap over when trying to ask locals for a "universal 120V wall socket adapter" or where to find one. My cousin was out on the communal patio when he met this dude with one of these. Ironically, you can't find it in major electronics stores or malls in Hong Kong. Apparently, our best bet was to try a small, ghetto, local electronic shop to find one. 

We spent the day looking for the hottest sneaker spots around town, when I walked passed a clear, glass door, with miscellaneous power bars, coaxial cables, cat5 jacks and all kinds of electrical shit packed inside a small area no bigger than my bathroom. This small shop actually had one. The shop owner didn't know a lick of English, so asking for one of these was impossible. My cousin had a plug with him and he ended up giving us the right adapter for a low, low price of HK$8, which works out to be about $1. 

Now that we don't have to ration the battery power of our laptop, I can now start writing some entries. Shitty ones, but entries none the less. It's hard to write at 12am in a bar downstairs after a few drinks and a full day of walking outside. But here, I am. I'll post a shop guide in a bit and maybe some pics of a few spots we hit so far. But for now, I'll end it here. I'm tired, my contacts are dry, my feet are sore and I'm getting tipsy. I leave for Macau tomorrow. I'll check in then. 


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