J2: Skyline

The reason why I brought a camera was really to capture the skyline and bright lights that Hong Kong has to offer. I'm content with the shots taken, but not too happy with the fog in the city this time of year. I was fortunate enough to catch  a glimpse of the skyline without as much fog in the sky, but as you can see here, it's still very apparent. Here are a couple pics that I took.

Nonetheless I enjoyed the view from a tourist standpoint, the Hong Kong skyline is amazing. The first shot is at The Peak. If you ever plan on visiting, The Peak can be accessed via Peak Tram from Central Hong Kong. Up there you'll find a large view of various parts of the city, shopping, the Sky Lounge, and restaurants offering panoramic scenery through large glass windows while enjoying dinner. Check it out if you're down there, it's a must.

The second and third shot is from Victoria Harbor/Avenue of Stars in Kowloon. It's also the place to be when you wanna catch Hong Kong's famous "Symphony of Lights" which plays every night at 8pm. 


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  1. these are sick photos, like the ones u find on google