J2: Outty 5000

Well, this is it. My last day at home in 2010. There's plenty to look back on this past decade of the new millennium, but I guess that'll be for another post. For now, I'd just like to relax and enjoy my last night at home before I leave for Hong Kong and the Philippines.

After running around getting last minute errands wrapped up these past couple days, I decided to make my Saturday a quiet one and spend it with fam. I drove around for most of the morning finishing off my errands and saying goodbye's to important people, and I spent the evening having my last meal at home of 2010 with my family at Sukiyaki House.

I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow morning! So stoked to get out of the winter and head somewhere, where I can rock shorts and a tee. I'll try my best to blog and e-mail and keep everyone up to date on my trip with a few snaps along the way, so stay tuned.

Lastly, before I sign off for the night, I'd like to wish everyone at home a safe holiday, a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!


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