J2: Fresh Outta the Box

They finally came! Having a pair iD's, to me anyways, is a big deal. It's pretty tough to come by considering Nike iD Studios don't ship to Canada, which kinda sucks. If you can get friends down south to order in and scoop 'em up for you, all the better. I was fortunate enough to get a pair from friends on Nike Talk. And after 7 weeks, they finally came to my doorstep. Thanks Junior (Fait) on NT for the order!

Today was also the release of the Flint Grey Retro XIII. I'm really happy with the quality. Though not as good as the earlier Retro, it's still nice to see that JB stuck with the original idea for Flints. I picked up a few pairs today from my local Foot Locker. 

That's it for now. 

Now off to China. 


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