J2: Skates for clubs

Winter is on the horizon (in Calgary anyways). It's that time of year where you stock up on the low temp. washer fluid, break out the shovels, bolt on your winter wheels, and rock the down-filled jackets. To add to that list, are the sporting goods.

Since the season for winter sports is approaching, I've traded my golf clubs and basketball for my snowboard and hockey equipment. I spent some time today to take the boarding gear and hockey bag out for some cleaning. This is the first year since 2004, of formal full-equipment ice hockey. Opening my bag after 6-years of unwashed equipment was pretty much a bio hazard haha. It all fits, but smells of death and itches when I wear it. So my cousin and I hit up Sport Chek for some new gear.

Packed and ready for wear. 

There are a few things missing however, I'll probably need a few extra practice jerseys, pucks, and MAYBE a helmet cage or visor, depending on how rough it may get out there. We'll see. We've arranged a friendly pick-up game for next week for a couple hours and hopefully everyone can make it out. I'm a little rusty, but hopefully I can get it all back with pick-up shinny tomorrow night.

Also, today was the day my shipment came in. Here are my latest pick-ups and today's WDYWT?

L to R: Air Max 1 "Athletics Omega", Air Max 90 "Laser Blue"

Air Jordan IV Retro (1999)

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