Naruto: War Begins [SPOILER ALERT]

I've been watching/reading Naruto for about 6 years and I've seen characters in the series come and go. And now at the peak of the series comes an outbreak of all out war. What I find interesting is that, after the team missions, exams, rivalries, sub-plots, side-stories, deaths and extensive ninja family trees and connections, the war brings everyone together dead OR alive.

If you haven't been reading the Manga and don't want to be spoiled, stop right here. For those who have missed last weeks issue, here are the Cole's notes: The Kage meetings have adjourned to prepare for war against Madara and Kabuto. The entire Ninja world has banded together to form an international army divided by battalions of special teams led by assigned captains from different countries regardless of past differences or previous wars. Not too sure yet on whom is assigned where, but here's an idea:

I like how the Ambush Squad is looking, but although the Inuzuka Clan is useful for their ability to smell on the  Special Ops Division, I think Kiba and Akamaru belong in this squad for ambush tactics.

I guess I'm happy with Medical Logistics, I would stick Sakura in there if it weren't for her massive strength. Hinata, however belongs in the Sensory Squad since she's completely useless as a fighter.

I like Kakashi's role as General. I would have made him Commander though based on field experience. But maybe for story's sake, Gaara might need a more integral part in the war. 

Why is Chouji a long range fighter? Am I missing something?

And finally...

THIS is what I found interesting...

Fucking "Dream Team" of Super Villains hahaha. Never thought I'd see Haku again. This is turning out to be awesome. I can't wait to see all this in the anime. Werd, I'm a geek. 

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